They flee to Bruhl, with the Imperial forces in close pursuit. At the Gallian camp, the members of Squad 7 are uncertain about Alicia and her newly awakened Valkyrur powers. In the midst of the confusion and misunderstanding that follows, Alicia flees, no longer certain of her place in the squad. Welkin and Faldio debate the nature of the Darcsen Calamity and whether any of the legends represent what truly happened. Alicia and Selvaria meet for a final showdown. The story follows Welkin, the son of a former war hero; Isara, Welkin’s Darcsen adoptive sister; and Alicia, a member of the Bruhl town watch, as they fight the Imperials in the ragtag Gallian militia group, Squad 7. The two Militia officers head out to visit the Valkyrur Ruins with Alicia, Ramal, and Isara but their jeep breaks down due to mechanical failure.

Welkin and Faldio debate the nature of the Darcsen Calamity and whether any of the legends represent what truly happened. Edit Opening Theme 1: Alicia and Welkin undertake deep reconnaissance in territory held by the Imperials and are forced to take shelter in an abandoned cabin when a sudden mountain snowstorm comes. Welkin and Alicia return to Bruhl, promising to live and honor the memories of those that died in the war. To fulfill her promise to Alicia, Cordelia requests that Squad 7 be assigned as her personal guard. Squad 7 attempts to force the issue, but instead cause a brawl. Karl Oswald, aide to Selvaria, finds his new commander intimidating and cold towards him.

Squad 7 celebrates with a barbecue courtesy of Irene, but a brawl breaks out between Squad 7 and Squad 1, until everyone settles down and emerges as friends. Welkin, Isara, and Alicia manage to escape using the prototype tank Edelweiss, which was designed and built by Isara’s biological father, a Darcsen engineer. Maximillian informs his generals that the Emperor intends to remove him from command of the invasion force within one month.

Princess Cordelia is cheered by the citizens of Gallian in her coronation as Archduchess despite her Darcsen heritage being revealed.

Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles- – E 01 – [VOSTFR] – video dailymotion

The main Gallian force then occupies the base, while Calamity Raven enflish the opportunity to retreat. Welkin is unsure what to do and Faldio orders the attack to continue.


However, Alicia is worried that Welkin, being chronicless and unorthodox in the way he handles things, may end up saying things that might tarnish the reputation of the Militia so she interferes with Welkin’s interview, clashing with Irene repeatedly. She further acts like Maximillan in pure obsession with him, only to have Maximillan take a slight peek through the door With her strength renewed, Alicia defeats Selvaria with one last strike.

Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles- – E 01 – [VOSTFR]

Only to appear chrinicles an awkward dream for a sleeping Hans She also mentions how she has to put off the marriage ceremony until she and Welkin finish respective university exams.

With ulterior motives in mind, Imperial Central Command dispatches three junior officers to serve the Generals as aides. Squad 7 makes the best of the situation, and still manages to celebrate as the everyone exchanges gifts.

They all congratulate Alicia and Welkin on their engagement, along with suggesting them to hold the marriage ceremony right away. The following morning, using fog as cover, the Edelweiss dives into the river and reaches the other side in a surprise attack allowing Squad 7 to capture the bridge. Selvaria and Jaeger infiltrate the ceremony under the guise of a rich couple from overseas.

Archived from the original on March 2, Nearly defeated, Alicia suddenly realizes that she has something precious to fight for as well: She talks about how Largo would often be turned down by her. Hans makes his entrance strapped to Epixode, speaking Japanese orders to the rest of the crew She then summons her deputy Karl to do some research on how civilians dress and live.

Welkin is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned as commander of Squad 7 with Alicia as his Sergeant and second in command, much to her dismay. When they inform Welkin that babysitter lizards have start gathering amidst the rubble, he valkyri that there must be a way out.

Meanwhile, at the Gallian camp, Welkin and Squad 7 are trying to contact Alicia, but are stopped by Regular Army officers. When she encounters Isara, Rosie tells her nno Rosie’s parents were killed by the Darcsen guerrillas when she was a child during the First Europan War.


As the Gallians celebrate their unexpected victory, Welkin catches Alicia as she falls unconscious. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Welkin and Alicia return to Bruhl, promising to live and honor the memories of those that died in the war. During the attack, the smoke obscures the defender’s line of sight and allows Squad 7 to breach the defenses.

Meanwhile, everyone in Squad 7 feels worried that Alicia and Welkin have not returned from their mission. She destroys the entire Gallian force on the front, including most of Squad 1.

They flee to Bruhl, with the Imperial forces in close pursuit. Maximilian has a plan, but does not divulge the details to Jaeger. Back at Guirlandaio Fortress, Selvaria is informed by Maximillian that the time for showing her true powers is at hand, while the Nameless take their leave, with only the members of Squad 7 knowing that victory in this battle was only possible thanks to them.

The following day, Squad 7 and Gallian regulars assault Dillsburg in early morning fog, but the artillery pieces rout the main Gallian force and while coming to help them, the Nameless rescue Isara, who was being pursued by Imperial soldiers. Worse, the attack is scheduled to take place at the same time as the Holy Spirit Festival, a holiday that all Gallians celebrate.

Back in the palace, Cordelia, in a meeting with Faldio, Welkin, and Borg unaware gaallian his complicity orders that news of her abduction kept secret from the Gallian media. They are able to hear Welkin outside but cannot dig their way out.