Meanwhile, Guren spots Mikaela and Ferid from a distance. Yuichiro leaves Mikaela behind and escapes outside Sanguinem. After managing to take the ax from Yuji, Yuichiro has a hallucination of Mikaela, but breaks free before being tricked into desiring vengeance. When Yuichiro puts down his Cursed Gear to leave himself out in the open, Yoichi eventually snaps out of it and prevents himself from killing Yuichiro, thanks to Guren’s words of encouragement. Guren takes the three of them underground to a chamber to choose a Cursed Gear for themselves, despite knowing the risks. Retrieved October 20, The first soundtrack album was released on July 15, containing two discs: A dying Eita Kusunoki reports to Guren, revealing that forty-five soldiers at Nagoya City Hall were defeated, in which nineteen of them were killed and the remainder are held hostage.

Retrieved November 1, The noble extermination mission is about to open fire! When Yu encounters Guren, the latter suddenly swings his sword at the former. Retrieved October 27, Meanwhile, Kureto calls Guren and tells him a shocking truth. The little girl informs Shinoa Squad that the lair of the vampires is located at Omotesando Station. Retrieved November 25,

Guren Squad is tasked to distract the vampires, while Shinoa Squad and Narumi Squad must focus on rescuing the hostages.

Views Read Edit View history. Later, Yuichiro, Shinoa dib Yoichi learn from Yamanaka and Shishido that Yuji went underground into a forbidden chamber and never came back out.

Owaranai Seraph Special 7. Later, Yuichiro ends up being the only student who failed the spellcraft test in his class.

Mikaela prevents Aiko from doing the same, leaving her as the only survivor. Kureto tells Aoi to inform the scientists to increase the dosage into the test subject since time is running out. He searched for ways to bring back vampire to human beings, and at the enblish time, trained hard working on the Cursed Gear. Retrieved 28 August Retrieved October 26, Owaranai Seraph Special 1. When Yu encounters Guren, the latter suddenly swings his sword at the former. She confronts him about the curse stimulant pills given to Yuichiro, who has been in a comatose state for five days.

Sawano produced and composed the opening and ending theme songs in the sub cour of the anime series, titled “X. Retrieved from ” https: Lists of anime episodes. Mikaela withholds himself from attacking a girl for her blood, which Lacus finds strange. The test subject that Kureto is conducting experiments on is revealed to be Mirai. Retrieved November 10, Ferid reminds Mikaela that he should embrace his new role as a vampire and drink human blood. Suddenly, a helicopter attacks them, which causes them to fall into an underground subway as a result of the blast.


On their way there, a Four Horsemen of John is spotted attacking a little girl in distress. Guren declares himself as a superior rather than a friend to Yuichiro, and Mitsuba Sangu receives a promotion despite seeing herself as a failure to Yuichiro.

Retrieved December 21, batle An epidemic of unknown origin strikes mankind, killing all adults and rendering the youngsters at vattle mercy of the vampire kind. Shahal’s true goal is unknown, and while he has kidnapped Riko, he refuses to segaph her blood.

While Ferid restrains Guren, Mikaela attempts to convince Yuichiro to side with him, but Yuichiro declines after noticing how much Mikaela has changed. While Lucal and his servant Esther Lee debate whether or not to obey Krul’s orders, Lucal sacrifices Esther to act as a shield from Yoichi and Shinya’s attacks. Mikaela is then invited by Ferid to the upcoming Progenitor Council meeting.

Chess and Horn defend Crowley when all of Shinoa Squad attempts to attack. After Shiho starts a truck by method of hot-wiringShinoa Squad proceeds to Shinjuku, where they encounter vampire noble Crowley Eusfordwho easily overpowers them despite being significantly outnumbered.

The noble extermination mission is about to open fire! Season 1 – Part 2″. The first would air in from April to June and the second from October to December, with both cours having 12 episodes each. Yuichiro and Shiho fend off the attacks, but they hesitate to harm Yoichi, knowing that his soul is still alive. Gemie, while the ending song is performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]: After Yoichi successfully eliminates five Four Horsemen of John with one attack, Yuichiro confronts his Cursed Gear named Asuramarumanaging to break free from Asuramaru’s illusion of Mikaela and asking Asuramaru to lend him strength to save Mikaela as a gesture of friendship.

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen Episode 1

All of Shinoa Squad, Narumi Inn and Guren Squad regroup, but Aiko Aihara lost eight out of fourteen members in her squad during her assigned mission. Yuichiro and Mikaela arrive in time to assist in fending off the chained spears.


Owaranai Seraph Special 8. While Yuichiro and Shiho show off their new fighting techniques, Shinoa and Mitsuba later learn that the files containing data on Yuichiro, Yoichi and Nagoyq have been erased. Guren advises Shinoa to wait by Yuichiro at his hospital bed if she truly does care for him.

Shinoa finds Yuichiro Hyakuya at the library, where she explains that Mikaela Hyakuya was chosen by the vampire nobles to become a vampire.

Yuichiro becomes concerned when Mikaela does not show up for dinner. Retrieved November 1, Ferid mortally wound Mikaela in the midst of his charge, but Yuichiro manages to shoot Ferid.

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen Episode 1 – Dailymotion Video

Crowley evades Yuichiro due to being unable to withstand his attacks. Owari no Seraph Ep. Yuichiro and Shinoa carry a wounded Nagai to the temporary shelter to be treated by the military paramedics before planning to meet up with Yoichi, Shiho and Mitsuba at the western defensive barrier. Four years later after he escapes outside Sanguinem, Yuichiro joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, but is eager to become a member of the Moon Demon Company, their special vampire hunting force led by Guren Ichinose.

Mikaela blocks the strike made by Guren. Even though Mika still believes that the humans are brainwashing Yuichiro, he eventually agrees to trust Yu as well as Shinoa Squad. Yuichiro, Yoichi and Shiho are the only students able to do so. Yu wakes up and recognizes Mika trying to hold back his craving.

Owaranai Seraph Special kf. When Guren arrives in the nagota, he uses his Cursed Gear named Mahiru-no-Yo, which takes the form of a katana, to determine which of the students can withstand its demonic energy.

As they travel further, Yuichiro defeats two vampires by himself.