What happens when Henry runs away and returns with Emma who breaks the curse? When multiple attempts are made on Regina’s life, secrets from her past threaten to become exposed. Now Regina must adjust to her new life while raising two children and the possibility of another. What if he had a son? Enchanted by Ecstasyn’Acid reviews Robin happens upon Regina’s boutique while looking for a birthday gift for his roommate Mulan. She got the anger, hatred and brutality of an heir-less king, still mourning his beloved Ava. Un danger qui pourrait bien contrarier leurs plans.

Restoration by jouissance reviews A moments confession between Charming and Regina during the Missing Year. Hook and Regina begin a relationship amidst the chaotic things that are happening in Storybrooke and also in their personal lives. Give it a try, pretty please? Will they figure out who did this to her? What if, while in Neverland, he meets a kind woman named Regina who takes him in? Sunny Side Up by Queen-of-the-Merry-Men reviews When Robin Locksely, a small town firefighter, asks his best friend, Regina Mills, the town prosecutor, for her eggs she assumes he’s talking about breakfast food, turns out that’s not exactly what he has in mind.

Rated M for later chapters. Cuz I’m Nice Like That The Lost Princess by sarahlouise reviews What if Regina had a daughter with Daniel that she sent to another world so she could get revenge on Snow.

I live on feedback! AU SwanQueen, set in Storybrooke, however, the geography is slightly different. Will Swan Queen prevail?

Still, Regina hoped that one day they would be able to be happy even if it was somewhere else. She meets a poor shepherd and they agree to keep their names and the details of their lives to themselves and they begin to fall for each other. What happens when secrets unravel? Rating is for future chapters. Rating increased for future content Once Upon a Time – Rated: What Regina does not realize is that her Happily ever after was right in front of her all along Maybe this year won’t be so bad?


Regina takes care of her feelings surface. I already know who I shall marry and be with. Her mother tells her she has gotten a job for her, but what Regina doesn’t know is what kind of job this truly is. Short fic set during the Missing Year. See Chap 1 for a long Author note to explain more. Emma and Regina aren’t together.

The unfortunate circumstances that brought Regina to Storybrooke soon turn into her personal Happy Ending.! The knowledge that deep down, she’s mine. The Evil King and his Thorns by HelloMaryLou reviews There have been four important women in his life. She can’t fall in love with the younger you. T – English – Drama – Chapters: Set after 3×11 Going Home.

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Regina is going on a date with Robin but needs to sort things out beforehand. In this story of love, strength and promises.

Mine by Knows-it-all reviews “Look at me, Regina. What She Doesn’t Know by ShipsInTheKnight reviews After hearing of Regina’s struggles with uopn another True Love, Emma decides—thinking she’d never have a chance with the woman herself—to change her appearance, in attempts to woo the former mayor as a man.

The Long Road Home by thequeenstolemyheart reviews Set after the winter finale. She has the body of a goddess and the most beautiful brown eyes, that hold the darkest secrets. Regina wakes up one morning, looking forward to seeing Robin, when she discovers Henry downstairs, acting like he never stopped living with her. OUAT – emas and Belle – comic. Outlaw Queen summer AU.


All of their friends and family knew that there were probably more feelings than their friendship was letting on, but could their friendship be jeopardized?.

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Outlaw queen In The Forest. Daughters by jackofalltrades7 reviews What if Regina has a daughter as well?

Not anymore, not after everyone she’s lost in the past year. Established SQ Friendship – leading to more. Just In All Stories: How is their story going to develop? Milah, Cora, Regina, and his beloved Belle. Regina and her lover run away and live happily until 16 years later Cora finds them and kidnaps her grandson so she can gain more power! Just give me your hands. And that word; -love- was her Achilles’ heel. In most cases, this was fine, but there were two werewolves, a sorceress, and the Dark One to account for.

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I’m not a rape author like Charms22 and her other account who are in the rape fandom. Regina discovers she is pregnant with Robin’s child Robin Locksley is forced by his best friend, Will Scarlet, to make a profile on True Love Connections, a dating website, to find a wife and a mother for Roland.

Emma Swan is a painter recovering from an injury that has left her temporarily – and possibly permanently – blind. You could say he loved them all. Outlaw queen dancing tango.