Gangadhar refuses but Shreelesh gets excited and breaks this news to everyone. Everyone panics but Gangadhar’s operation is completed successfully. Shekhar scolds Shreelesh as he comes back home very late at night but everyone gets stunned to see Shalaka with Shreelesh. Gangadhar is admitted in the hospital but still he continues to be at his cheerful best. Not Rated min Action, Comedy, Fantasy. Shreelesh asks his friends to find the guy named Samir who has sent the love letter to Nikita.

To improve the plight of the inhabitants of Paglapur, he comes up with a novel idea. Gangadhar leaves for Pune. Gangadhar gets a stray puppy home. Dailymotion – most recent videos http: A man meets with assorted characters in a nursing home after being diagnosed with cancer. TV min Comedy, Crime, Drama. Taking full responsibility as her guardians

An educated man spends his days writing letters for the varied inhabitants of his small, poor, and illiterate village, in this episods and social satire. Everyone get stunned as Nikita receives a love letter from a guy named Samir. Shreelesh tells Shekhar about the lucrative job offer for which he is even ready to quit his current job. Not Rated min Comedy. Four friends’ attempts to find employment and accommodation pits them against landlords and gangsters in Bangkok.

Shyamal tells Shekhar and Shreelesh that she has decided to clean the house as it’s a Sunday and they both have holiday.

Shekhar reads out Nikita’s letter for Shyamal. He cons people by slipping into different outfits and by assuming many guises. Shhriyut colleagues come to meet him and they too get excited on knowing this but Gangadhar is not keen. Everyone discusses about the love letter issue and get worried as Nikita doesn’t return home till late. Avantika – Episode Shekhar comes to office along with Guru.


SajidFarhad Samji Stars: Partners — 20 min Comedy 7. Shekhar plans to send Gangadahar to his cousin’s place at Pune but Shyamal says that Gangadhar will not agree to go. Shekhar, Shreelesh, Shyamal and Nikita watch the video in Gangadhar’s absence.

Golmaal 3 Not Rated min Action, Comedy 5. Everyone panics but Gangadhar’s operation is completed successfully. Gubbare — Comedy 7.

Dailymotion – most recent videos

Shreelesh tells Shyamal about Gangadhar’s antics in the hospital. Tukaram Marathe a farmer from Maharashtra comes to Agra with his family and claims that the land where Taj Mahal stands is his. He tells Aditi to be ready the next morning to go to the hospital.

Mirch min Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 6. Nikita breaks down on knowing this. Shekhar comes to know that Shyamal tangadhar Mrs. Next morning, Shyamal doesn’t wake up early and Shekhar and Shreelesh have to go to work without having breakfast and even without their lunchbox.

Shyamal tells about it to Shalaka and she feels guilty. Gangadhar comes back home.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Shreelesh tells Shekhar that he has to visit a friend’s father who is in the hospital and says that he’ll be staying with them till late at night. Kishan is a young man from Goa whose brain is full of every conceivable trick to make a quick buck. Shreelesh gets tensed on knowing that all the society members have complained against Gangadhar for keeping a pet and also hold a meeting regarding this matter.


Not Rated min Horror, Thriller. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Shekhar even talks to Kharkar’s family members and makes them understand the entire scenario. Shekhar’s colleagues provide financial help to him for the trip.

Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre

Shreelesh takes care of Gangadhar. Shyamal tells Nikita to take Shreelesh along with her wherever she goes. Not Rated min Action, Comedy, Fantasy.

Arvind sends Nikita and Yogita’s air tickets. Life of three men comes in trouble when their photos appear on advertisement for sterilization.

Iqbal, the deaf and mute son of a farmer, has a passion for the game of cricket and seeks the tutelage of a washed-up, alcoholic ex-player. A photographer and his girlfriend enter a nightmarish world after they run over a woman. Shekhar too gets stunned to hear this. Une grosse vente et puis c’est tout Anna is one of the characters from the famous animation Frozen. Shyamal finds a love letter in Shreelesh’s pocket and misunderstands that he is having an affair with the girl Swapna who lives in their society.

Shreelesh too gets worried and asks Shekhar to talk to Gangadhar.