She asks Amu for help, but hangs up after finding out that she is no help. Meanwhile, Ikuto is in the garden in the amusement park, sitting down on the grass. This entry was posted on Saturday, August 15th, at 9: She runs off, and Lulu finds her. El goes and seeks Utau’s help as Nikaidou and Yukari stall the concert. A scene is shown where the X Eggs are being matured with Ikuto’s violin. Nagihiko remembers a time after a recital when he was still disguised. The girl’s cell phone rings, and Amu notices her ringtone is “Heartful Song.

She ties up the workers and Nana turns off the tuning fork. Notify me of new comments via email. This next bit was so pathetic I laughed out loud -. August 18, at To Amu’s shock, she accidentally slips, leaving Ikuto preventing her from falling and the two talk. Amu sees a vision of a young boy crying. Rima tells the voices of the affected children that there are things they can’t do, but it makes everyone unique and makes them try harder. Beat Jumper and Clown Drop come in as well.

The classmate goes to confess her love for Tadase, while Amu and Chaar watch. Nana, using the idea of UFOs on the television she saw earlier with Lulu, decided to make a crop circle.

Ikuto tells Tadase that he’s been living in Amu’s room and heard his confession to Amu. Egg turns into an X Egg ,and everything goes back to normal.

Fill episoode your details below or click an icon to log chaea Amu says this isn’t Ikuto’s would-be self and triggers the full power of the Humpty Lock. DL enters the stage, and starts to play.


Kazuomi says that he will get it for Hikaru. She tries to purify him, but after a while, Maa finishes his clay model of Kiseki, and is so happy, that his Egg purifies itself, which causes the statue to collapse. I must be the only female who finds Ikuto in glasses and shuugo green suit totally not hot. Yoru attempts to drag him out but Ikuto only says that unauthorized personnel are forbidden in his room.

Later, Lulu meets Manami again and turns her Heart’s Egg into a?

Ng the end of the school day, Tadase asks Amu out on a date in the evening, and Amu goes home to find out what she could wear. Amu decides to try baseball, seeing as how girls can play it too.

Amu’s mother chxra calls her down to dinner, with Ikuto left deciding whether to stay at Amu’s place or camp elsewhere. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Meanwhile, Nagihiko hears violin sounds that are coming from the Easter employees playing their new device, so he calls Tadase and tells him to round everyone up.

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Rima and Yaya are cleaning around a fountain when Yaya gets sick of it and throws her broom. This site cyara cookies. Amu decides to do something, and she Character Transforms to Amulet Heart. The next day, the Guardians have a meeting about their success.


She turns nearby people into ballerinas who surround Amu and Tadase. Utau ga Uchi ni Yattekita! Utau begs Amu, and Amu finds Ikuto. From the sound of the violin comes a black dog waiting for them in the wax museum. Retrieved July 10, Episode ends with ” Honto no Jibun “, originally shown as the first ending theme to the first season.

The Giant X Character begins crying, and everyone begins to feel sad. The Feeling to Take Off! There, she flirts around Tadase, who tells her he likes girls eipsode spunk.

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Ran tells everyone of her crazy history with Amu, as does Miki and Su. While descending, both Amu and Ikuto take note of their new forms. Amu looks on, worried. When seeing Lulu trying to assemble a Christmas Tree all by herself, Amu went outside to help. Kazuomi tries to retake control of Ikuto, to no avail. A storm comes, and a tree falls over, resulting in a log targeting Amu, Tadase, and Saito.