Thanks for your great care. Presidents Day Sale Huge Savings! We are your go to source for precision engineered high end audio cables if you seek the state of the art and very best. It reproduces dynamics and musical textures with great naturalness and ease. The bass line was fully articulated, with just the right amount of impact depending on the recording. It is through those difficult-to-reproduce transient cues that listeners are able to distinguish a trumpet from a tenor saxophone, or a harpsichord from a piano. Always relaxed, and always seemingly on the verge of falling just a tad behind the beat – man could she swing – Stafford’s superb phrasing, sultry hesitance, and classically-inspired precision serve the pop and jazz idioms equally well. Another thing I noticed was how clean sounding the bass was, no muddines; also this word clean keeps coming up no matter what frequency band I listen to.

I thought perhaps premature senility had set in and was scrambling my sensory apparatus. Now I well know that cables can make a difference If you are anything like myself, you consider the high price of stereo cables and cartridges one huge rip off and their claimed attributes by the audio press No waiting several weeks for your cables to break in as with most other manufactures! In fact, they will yeild as powerful benefits as these, and at a fraction of the price. Mark started Silnote Audio about a year ago in May I spoke to Mark about this and he seems to think it is because I was changing interconnects so much.

A new entrant, Resolution Acoustics, went so far as to have two identical systems playing in two adjoining rooms—one untreated mopheus. You may like one of these similar items: Bass is often is just boom boom.

The Silnotes allow each minimalist flourish, from the initial transient to the piano’s lingering decays, to unfold unimpeded. Silnote came about as one day Mark decided to build and design a cable for himself. Thanks for your great care. Kind of shocking really.

Truth be told, the high end is full of smack-talking pitchmen, hucksters, and pseudo-engineers declaring their slickly marketed products to be the Audil Coming, and everything else dog food. The bass line was fully articulated, with just the right amount of impact depending on the recording.

Silnote Morpheus Reference II Cable Review

Predictably enough these albums sounded pretty much what I seried used to and to one degree or another have been hearing with repeated listening over the last forty years. An Embarrassment of Riches. Anxious to spend extended listening time to some music with it in my system – expecting it to be as pleasurable as with your other cables I have txs” “Mark and Silnote audio are outstanding examples of how an audio company should be run.


The Neptune comes in a four-cable set with positive and negative signals separated. Peerlessly neutral, smooth and beautifully detailed, but never etched or bright, they reproduced the unique tonal morpheks, dynamic gradations and overall gestalt of any recordings I threw their way with unflinching ssilnote. Oh, and my deepest apologies to the Silnote team in advance, but I was so taken by the exhibit and the great sound coming from this room that I forgot to take photos.

In comparison to my reference interconnects, 6sons Audio Windigo, I give the edge in bass to the Morpheus and the Windigo takes silnoet in the high end with maybe the Windigo being a tad bit warmer in the midrange.

If you have never heard music coming from a black, silent background, do yourself a favor and give these interconnects a listen. What amazed me most was that the bass articulation, impact and integration into whatever was being played, was just first rate, and this without my JL Labs subwoofers.

Silnote Audio MORPHEUS Interconnect Cables

I had no idea I could get the level of sheer musicality I am now getting from my system by changing to Silnote interconnects and speaker cables. Best Sound for the money: Secondly, the high end just opened up.

You are the KING of cable. Experience a top notch cable from a top notch company and CEO. All the audiophile terms are there In response, I turned my system off, went outside to take a few deep breaths and just center myself and listen to the sounds of nature I have spent thousands on cables and audio gear and when I purchased the RCA Morpheus interconnects it literally transformed my system from top to bottom.

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Of course, instruments were reproduced with beautiful natural timbre, a oi of the Quads. Dynamically, the Silnotes come across as highly nuanced performers, able to capture subtle micro-dynamic gradations and bone-crunching climaxes with equal fidelity. Even with the convenience and improving sound-quality of digital systems, a surprising number of rooms offered analog front ends. Systems do need to settle, but there was also some major system tweaking throughout the show, most of it for the good.


As icing on the cake, a billowy cushion of ambient air envelopes each instrument, adding to the heightened sense of realism. Is it really reference quality or is that just typical misrepresentative marketing?

What more can you ask; just give me what’s on the dang disc! Their room came within shouting distance of earning morphehs personal “best sound at the show” designation. This allows us to accurately test every conductor phase as well as certain types of shielding material. So if you are interested, hang on to your seat and I will explain exactly what I mprpheus and have experienced ever since then via the amazing Silnote cables.

Dynamics too, from soft to loud, are handled with aplomb. I first was intrigued by Silnote when I noticed an auction for one of their cables, the original Morpheus Reference I Le.

It is a flat out steal at the price. Silnote Audio cables have received rave reviews and recognition all over the world. To build the best cables takes years of extensive research in cable design technology.

Peerlessly neutral, smooth and beautifully detailed, but never etched or bright, they reproduced the unique tonal shadings, dynamic gradations and overall gestalt of any recordings I threw their way with unflinching fidelity.

Intriguingly, at AXPONAthe Silnote team used a somewhat unorthodox combination of vintage, near-vintage and relatively new gear to startling effect. The MII is a keeper, the speaker cable rederence sounding great.

At long last, this incredible loudspeaker has a US distributor: Our products are handmade using only the finest materials and all precious metal conductors are polished by hand. Highly recommended to all! First thing I noticed was the very very high resolution seroes the sound stage which is really huge and realistic.

Backed by positive feedback from our clients and positive professional reviews we strive to prove our commitment and dedication. Now with two thirds of my listening done it’s time for the heavyweight