Only ghosts with unfulfilled wishes remain on earth. He’d be hotter if he took his upper garments off. So grim reapers are actually souls destined to hell and they got the assignment to be grim reapers and be in heaven sometimes. From afar, as a black shadow, just looking, just hurting. Then watch this episode again. Hooliah October 18, at 9: You are the only person who said or even implied this.

This show definitely did both and did both on purpose because Joseon society is like that. The bell would only ring if she killed the person who killed her which was herself which is why it wouldn’t work. Or is he just plain awesome? Last time we saw them Eun-Oh has been bodily sucked into hell and Arang was on an express elevator to heaven. You would think that the entire cast was in mourning or something. Something that rather severely contrasts

Uh, I think that ship has sailed, brotha.

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Give me a breakbut this brought it right back up to speed. More than the drama.

Angela October 18, at 8: There is one scenario that isn’t touched on but hinted at in one of the beginning episodes. Just watched ep 15 and came to peek on the recap.


When Jade resurrected him after he died he said that one day he will remember. He finds more people at his magisstrate, here to have their problems heard. Mom turns the knife against Joo-wal now, warning him away. I didn’t recognize anything Mongolian specifically I wish this drama get many awards esp junki.

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They totally could have ended that in the last episode and still had plenty for us to be worried about in the finale without dangling possible possession in there. After appearing to sniopsis magistrates, none of them survive the fright of seeing magistrqte. Once again Thk you. If Arang has retained Seo Rim’s memory AND heart, she would have at least gained some sort of salvation by knowing this fact although her love was not returned.

Jade says he will allow it on a condition that they take Muyeon as their child, teach her properly, etc. First time I’ve heard of it, and I’ve followed this drama very carefully from day one.

MsAnneONeamus October 22, at His memory being erased does make the whole set up make loads more eepisode. Did I miss something? Right, she wasn’t originally a slave but a noble princess. I’m really loving Arang.

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I could only watch Arang on dramacrazy. Wowow October 19, at Florentine Lily October 19, at Not that we had not already guessed most of the secrets. Retrieved May 5, The drama spilled a number of beans in this episode in the form of lookbacks. So basically Eun Ho is still a slave or a semi-slave? In the ending, kid Amgistrate was only teasing kid Arang making her think he forgot. I think magiwtrate shows more strength and remorse to keep living, bearing the burden of his crimes.


Would be about the romance, lol, wishing, hoping!!! Arang realizing that with lost memory she also lost her ability to understand she was loved. Just a little more and we will get the complete story. If anything, he chose his matyrdom.

I, too, expected a more clever ending from agang otherwise superb drama. I don’t mind them being re-incarnated as long as they both retain their memories and can be together.

Totally agree Dominique is an unrelenting troll here!