As for me, I don’t know, I think it’s a really good ending. What right does she have to decide for me wihout asking me? Lawyer Lin came in at this moment and Director Fang walked away while wiping her tears. Everyone was damn happy, until only Gary turned up. All these years, you didn’t tear down Sheng De Tang wasn’t because of my intention, but because you still couldn’t forget Dad” Director Fang teared. He’s the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice hockey player.

Six years later, she knew that you are still alive, but she couldn’t go and find you, only because she doesn’t want to spoil the relationship between you and your mother. Yes, so that concludes the entire drama! D Some people were saying that they had expected more out of the ending because it seemed a little anti climatic to have Guang Xi forgiven her in the end when she was so worried at the start. She told him to take his chances while he still could, so that they would not regret like she did. A strangely familiar piano piece stirs Guang Xi’s heart as he struggles to recall his past romance with Mu Cheng. Mu Cheng looked very disappointed but she knew there was nothing that she could do. Do you know what I said to him?

Director Fang entered her room concdrto after she ended her call, she found Guang Xi sitting on her couch [ like a ghost ]. D Some people were saying that they had expected more out of the ending because it seemed a little anti climatic to have Guang Xi forgiven her in the end when she was so worried at the start. I really like him in both the scenes where he tried sinopzis convince Guang Xi at the start, and Mu Cheng in the middle. Gary got a pay rise, and they concfrto another case — a woman wanted to autu,n up her will to leave all her possessions to her daughter whom she had not seen in six years.


His mother begs Mu Cheng to leave him and the latter has no choice but to do so. So i had it it for nore nights. Lawyer Lin replied, “Guang Xi, you realise that it’s not that hard to say your heartfelt words Guang Xi laughed when he realised that woman was Mu Cheng’s mother.

So what do I think of this drama? Look at that tear forming! I believe six years ago, for the woman you love, you would do the same thing if your roles had switched At least someone’s hard work paid off. Chen Wei Min sinopssi Hua Huo?? Guang Xi still wanted compensation though — for her to stay by his side forever.

SINOPSIS Autumn’s Concerto Episode Episode Terakhir

I will wait for you, wait till you return to my life. I enjoyed reading your recap — thanks! Later Tuo Ye said that it’s his fault because he knew that Guang Xi would have never helped him without Mu Cheng’s request.

Anyway I will be back in 3 days I wasn’t too attracted initially because their relationship isn’t developed enough for someone concertoo me who doesn’t believe in concertoo at first sight etc.

Everyone was damn happy, until only Gary turned up. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation. This show will stay with me for a long long time: Episode 1 They met on the road. Mu Cheng said, ” Aren’t you afraid that Conecrto will really sign the papers?

SINOPSIS Autumn’s Concerto Episode 1-21 Episode Terakhir

Mu Cheng lives a quiet life with her young son in the countryside while Guang Xi is now a successful lawyer and is engaged to He Yi Qian, the kind conncerto beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery. Don’t you have anything to say to Mu Cheng before you leave for America?

Thank you and credits to http: The family moments were portrayed beautifully: As for Lawyer Lin The both of them smiled at each other and they rubbed noses. Seeing their interaction behind screen somehow makes the show even epislde lovable. Renzo Liu as Lawyer Lin??? Guang Xi took her hand and as they walked, Guang Xi said, ” I want to go home and look at our cute kidnapper.


If our life is like Who’s the Richest, no matter how many times we play the game, the ending should be the same, because you concedto my fate. As autymn, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself recapping this drama and for those who have watched it before, share with me your views!

Ady An Liang Mu Cheng. It’s because your mum begged her to leave and she waned to save you, so she got me to lie to you so that you would give up and go for Director He’s operation. They laughed and continued hugging AWWW.

It didn’t mean that he didn’t want to be with Mu Cheng. Xiao Le asked why she episose let him go on, and Mu Cheng replied that he would know some day. Feb 19, 34 of 34 episodes seen. Episode 1 – 21 – 21 Episode Drama Autumn’s Concert Oct 4, – Feb 28, Aired On: I mean if Guang Xi didn’t think it through and forgive Mu Cheng, this means that Director Fang has been wasting her saliva.

Then repeat a lot of it. It’s because aufumn this reason that she lied to you six years ago.

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Mu Cheng said that she really meant what she said and she did that just to make him stay. The theme song’s really nice!