The spy romantic comedy series is a remake of the film My Girlfriend Is an Agent. Gil-ro is held back as NIS agents escort her away for questioning, where Director Oh tells her that her prints were on the sniper rifle. I have to go deal with real life. I was once part of Korean group where we had to take part in the same thing and although you may not be the one at fault, it was and can be very effective. Jin and the crazy brain fetus. Did I say ALL their weekly dramas? Have a wonderful weekend: I Miss You was horrible on that front, but the whole going over a cliff because of adoption angst made me vote it to the bottom.

He sends her off glumly, only to change his mind and stomp back to the gate. The script is a disaster but the actors gave their best. Ivoire March 29, at 9: I liked the good looking cast, lost track of the story but still entertaining, hee hee. For some reason, Director Oh agrees and sets her free. She looks up, terrified. So, do we agree to disagree? Thought the extra eps were extensions

I can’t believe some are actually saying Dr. Second, watching dramas like these eventual-crap-dramas is like taking drugs.

Where have you been for nineteen episodes? Did you even watch this one the whole way through? It’s like comparing an essay I wrote one week ago to one I wrote a month ago You guys are superb! They were like statues.


Are we finally at sinopsix end of dramw One Road and all the puns we can possibly milk out of that name? Right now I’m hoping Nine doesn’t deliver me 9 times the damage. Retrieved February 24, Won-seok apologizes sincerely for not saving Woo-jin as a child. Wait, so he sold out his colleagues, went rogue, sold national secrets, and tried to kill key suspects multiple times… and he walks away unscathed?

And in this episode, they did indicate that SW and GR became physically intimate, it would not have happened if she didn’t want to. I thought he had good comedic timing, he did physical comedy well and I appreciated seeing this side elisode him, which I had not seen before, at least not to that extent.

As Seo-won watches, still crying into her assault rifle, Gil-ro and Do-ha finally reach the rooftop.

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MEalways March 28, at Hello Mystisith, Good to hear from you. I remembered the discription of characters suddenly changed after they started srvant. She looks up, terrified. The transitive property applies to apologies, and oh yeah, sex is bad.

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Hello Saner, How are you today? They really need to change up the system. The Romulans land in Joseon.

Retrieved July 19, Love and espionage collide in this drama of the National Intelligence Service ‘s rookie epislde. The only positive from this series is that we now have the preliminary costume and make-up design prepped for next year’s time travel drama: Rovi March 30, at 9: Did I forget anything?


Mystisith March 28, at Do-ha offers to do as ordered if he lets Seo-won go first.

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What a load of Well I watched it to the end. This is starting to become a suicide farce. Granted, she was from North Korea and she had been sheltered all her life, however she was also a female character who was 30 and had never kissed a guy before she kissed JA.

See, I told you not to let Do-ha walk away with that gun. The best part of this whole episode was the pout patrol. And yes, she did sleep with him before they got married, and we found out that to an extent, there was a point to that scene being there, which would help the sinlpsis in the big scheme of things.

All in one year this must be the year for me!!