I’m a guy and am pretty much just like Seung-Jo except I wasn’t born into it. I would’ve probably go mental during the first day! For me it was a welcome change from far too many other dramas where the heroine spends half her time over-acting, crying and screaming. She probably misinterpreted the character, putting on a sour face the whole time. I always feel like shaking the heroine and telling her: I for one find her portrayal of Han SeKyung compellingly rich and fascinating! I agree that Se Kyung will not deserve Seung Jo if she keeps manipulating him. How can a drama succeed wihout a likeable female lead?

Albeit the wrong way? Thank you for commenting on this. I think Seung-jo as the Mad Hatter is But yeah, the way Yoon Joo was treated by that family. The party comes to a close, and the GN Fashion employees leave Se-kyung behind to clean up after them. He’s so sleazy and under-handed, especially with how he stole and tampered Se Kyung’s phone She puts the flower button from her gift box inside her drawer, out of sight.

I wouldn’t bother with any episode before that. And ”Those guys are always portrayed as cold and arrogant either because they are immature or broken hearted or even both. Poor Yoon-joo — her hard work is falling apart.

I kind of miss that. He also put Han Se-kyung’s shoes on her. So how can I handle a 50 episode melodrama featuring another cjeongdamdong, yet more sinister mother-in-law without having an epileptic fit? I may not even be a fairy tale type happy ending where girl gets boy and they live happily ever after.

[sinopsis] Cheongdam-dong Alice () | a little book of my life story..

Se-kyung finally choengdamdong from the elevator and is led to her table, where she finds a special placard with her name on it, indicating that she is a formal guest and not some random person given an extra seat.

It turns out to be Se-kyung, and she bids her to come with a few things to the hospital. Could the reality be too harsh and bleak for her to bear making her retreat into her dream of a white knight riding to her rescue in moments of despair? Instead of being supportive, though, Dong-wook asks Seung-jo why he broke the news to his father about his marriage in that way.


This show is so good at making me switch sides. Well I don’t agree with the comments about how we were expecting a rom com and siopsis something else, hence the bashing. There is a reason behind In Hwa’s comment and Il nam’s laughter. The double standard thing is complex. Btw, I love how Yoon-joo and Se-kyung kinda become closer.

cheongramdong With no immediate calls and msgs, surely a girl can’t possible remain feeling confident of a guy’s affections for her since she was the one who told him to bugger off first.

First, I really love the Seung Jo’s character.

Sorry for the graphics, but seriously a friend like that is not a friend. But it is the sweetness of his devotion to his ideal girl that quite takes my breath away. Maybe I’ll watch the last episode when it’s all over. Seung-jo calls up Dong-wook for advice — what if Secretary Moon spilled the beans? I’ve watched several traditional melos that didn’t make me want to scratch eyes out YY January 7, at 9: I know, it’s great to fangirl from a critical perspective Do we blame the opportunist or the society that makes opportunism necessary?

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No matter how much I understand her, the pressure from her condition, society, etc. Soo Won December 26, at 4: I don’t seriously think they can seriously get Seung-jo to marry In-hwa, because he wants real love, and not an arranged marriage.

They used to think that they are so different, but now they can sit across the table and talk to each other like besties. There’s also the Shin family – they started out interesting but pretty much ended up as flat, evil, rich villains.


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Believe in happy things, but never completely close your eyes so you can still see reality. If you’d wtch her other projects She hopes that Il-nam can eventually reach out to his son first.

And he’s really nice to her, so I hope she’s at least fond of him and loyal to him. I thought our US wage gap was bad! Now I can no longer distinguish the difference between that.

Sorry it’s too painful for you to watch Moon I’ve been amazed at how sympathetic Yoon-joo has become for me. He asks if she has the confidence to be the lady of the household; if she becomes the madam of Royal Group, she has to promise to give him his wings as a full-fledged designer.

But I also dislike the heroine and pity the hero at this point, which is what the writers want I assume. That subtle shift in his eyes when he meets eyes with his father, and going to extremes for ridiculous Seung Jo.

I feel like that was where the drama was the weakest and probably lost people.

I have to say though, while I do feel sorry for Seung Jo, he is clearly too naive about people and the world. Not knowing the truth, Cha Seung-jo finally tells Han Se-kyung who he really is.

As for PSH, he is good, but sometimes he overdoes his strong scene I kindof like how the dad is portrayed though, as the proud caveman who secretly loves his son.