The scene when 14th asked Su to go see the flowers? Yes, Robin struggled with his sense of identity because it was a question of survival for him. It did receive a lot of love in other countries though Hana was the one that drove me up the wall. Her excuse for saving wook,chae I agree, she should not have been such harsh punishment. Her character was such a flip flop that it make absolutely no sense. Kang March 27, Does Snow Queen have a sad ending?

Kang tells Robin to take his time, and he takes Hana into the room to be alone. Lol,ur right,there’s no sinking deeper than this. Jung blames him for waiting too long, but So blames him for writing his own name on the letters—he had no idea they were from Su. This drama couldve been so much more. The heroine was also a wasted character and Ha Ji Min’s acting was a big disappointment. I think what So meant when he said “I will find you in another life” or something along those lines were in reference to him leaving the painting for her recall episode 19 before Jung tells So he got permission from Yo to marry Su. Never knew they were the same guy, but I was only about 6 months in to the kdrama scene. Like some scary clown.

I for one would have totally changed the ending scene with another one…After Wang So said that he will find her i would have made a transition somehow to the modern time were the present one would have found Ha Jin while crying and handled her a handkerchief and on the note said something like i found you,giving the couple and us a sense of hope…” Now THAT would kore been a satisfying episodd ending for me.

Robin – because he is fun to have around and he was a great boyfriend too I also loved and enjoyed the bromances between these guys.


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 20 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

JoyBells November 2, at 1: AP November 8, at He’s definitely the best thing to come out of this movie! Am I right or am I right? Seo-jin is surprised at that, since he thought it was just going to be more memories that he gained, not actual feelings. Alila November 1, at 9: I mean the Moonlovers song he sang with the other 2 exo members is ridiculously catchy.

At least Hyun Bin got to show his acting skills while Han Ji Min could only do so much with a character as undeveloped as the supporting cast.

JCW March 27, at 2: But, because Wang So is forever lonely and hurt, I just cannot move on!! You deserve many drinks after this one, if it didn’t take eepisode many to get through all those eps already!!

Totally agree with everything you said, couldn’t have said it better! I’m doing laundry while reading, one moment I’m crying and then laughing by myself the next. Ji Sun really surprised me. I think Hae Soo just loves watching So writing them. Oiii this drama story line. Forgot to state for the record Lee Jung Jin was the break out star of this drama. Instead I got a nonsensical wedding and a dissatisfying ending.

I loved all the actors in this llve much and I wanted to love the show as a whole Secretary Kwon hands him Dr. Everything was so rushed and the ending suck! Maybe a case of 2nd lead syndrome? Woo-jung comes by to say her final goodbye, and then Robin and Hana head home, where Secretary Kwon grabs him in a tearful hug.

I guess we’ll never know. Master of the Mask. But this show would just pick one theme and bang on it for three episodes, then switch gears entirely for the next three.

No spark, no chemistry between this couple. Fill in your details rwin or click an icon to log in: Sign up for a new account in our community. Definitely worth watching the original Sinopsiz. Because if this was anyone else but him, I’d have dropped the drama right when they stupidly walked the altar.


And yet, I am still as speechless as to how this ended. It is helpful that you both commented on how unrealistically it was presented by the show.

Haha, crappy but funny! I ainopsis get the impression that this was ever its own thing – somebody got greedy and wanted a franchise-starter.? I was thinking of restarting to watch since my KMHM finished, but looking at the reviews, I’ll think I’ll just stay away from it.

I think the ending is appropriate too. Episore November 3, at 5: Thanks GF for the hardwork recap. Yes in SC1 Chinese version she does wake up in the present but that doesn’t happen in the novel. KayIs the Chinese version of Scarlet heart better?

Stay just one more day. She says that that day feels like a dream—the look sinopxis his eyes as he gazed at her, how happy she felt, without any worry about when that happiness would go away.

Jung Yoo Mi Considers Casting Offer For New Investigative Drama

So many touching, heart warming, and funny scenes. As it is, her acceptance feels rushed at best and false at worst, because sinopssis spent the entire drama refusing to see that they were one man. So then I binged on all his stuff that weekend.