And that’s the problem. I guess more scenes of him especially a kiss scene, are always welcome. I almost dropped the series a few times in this middle stretch when the marriage and divorce took center stage. He has a lot of heart and depth to him. Second male lead will get to live with his mother, and together with KNJ. Right now you just want to put on a performance as Haemil.

The reversal is that the second lead…becomes the hero. It is not true that SYR has frozen lips. I like the this drama brings us closer to the other characters beside the main few. The angry mother refuses to quiet down so Baek Sul orders her trusted Assistant Kim to escort her out. Yeah, it didn’t take him long. Wasn’t the change because he had more charisma compared to the lead? Obviously, it’s true and big love for second male lead, he needs her. I’m a little dissappointed but I’ll finish watching it.

From what little bits that I gather, Joon Young means that Jae Ha is having a harder time because of her indecisiveness. I started late in the game, but I loved it when I watched it.

It sound like this is going to have to go on my Dramas To Be Watched list. She walks by their love bench and chances upon four little cute dolls on the bench.

Park shi hoo should get the girl!!! I was crama my fingers that you would but didn’t think you will and you did!!!! I was sort of wondering where the dolls were when he kissed her, only to realise JY was holding on to them.


Which coincidentally was over Kim Nam-Joo’s real life husband. The same goes for Yoon Kye Sang, in my opinion. PSH is the best! I’m a little dissappointed but I’ll finish watching it. I absolutely adored this drama.

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This is also the first time that I’m rooting for the second lead ever since I’ve started watching K-dramas. She bends over and looks at them all smiley. They dig in and the atmosphere is suffocating, with Doo Hee giving more attention to In Joo while the father-son duo caring for Joon Young.

If yes, then I’m all for it. In Joo warns Doo Hee that if she continues to force her, she might disappear. I really hope her frozen lips at least…. Queen of Reversals Episode Lengkap – Wah sebentar lagi ada sinetron baru di Indosiar, mudah-mudahan ini akan mengobati para pecandu drama korea di Indonesia saat ini. So PSH gets the girl? It’s as if this was the year for secretary bromance with their bosses! If she does, it will 229 a complete destruction of her small identity.

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I was hoping to see this. Hwaiting for your ep30 recap! I was never bored no matter who was on screen and Sknopsis find in work place dramas I am often tempted to fast forward through a lot of the business stuff.

They’re using every trite and cliche to keep the drama’s momentum going, but it’s so frustrating to watch because I really enjoyed the characters before they went awry. I need a moment. Queen of Reversals Favorite. Would Joon Young look at him again?


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Yong Shik, make her yours! I found it so moving seeing PSH losing both his birthmother and KNJ at the same time and his despair – yet fighting spirit to persist. He has so ov chemistry with the lead female and he’s not even the lead! Right now you just want to put on a performance as Haemil.

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I just love them together There were times when it was dull but, overall, it was addicting. Wow, AM I the only one who’s a little dissappointed that she didn’t end up with her ex husband? Having been in the industry for so long, she is still shy about kissing! This instills her with deep inferiority issues, making her extremely competitive in whatever draama does.

I giggled when YS always professed his love to TH in the cutest possible way. Episodes by LollyPip. One of my favorite recurring bits is Tae-hee venting at her tangerine every time Yong-shik does something annoying.