Arhazivory May 28, at For awhile, I kept thinking, “This is an insanity defense setup?! As Jang-il and Sun-woo vow to destroy each other, the truth unravels in a harrowing cycle of deception and revenge as the crimes and secrets of yesteryear come to light. And, he chose to attempt to kill Sun Woo because of it. She still holds the place of ‘worst character ever’ in my book. One thing was good, goodbye kiss What did she find inside?

And I still don’t buy into any of that romance. Is this where Sun-woo is staying? Let me go watch the last episode again Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. As for me, Jang Il and Soo Mi might go well in life after this kind of tragedy. Now that all their problems are solved, they share a romantic kiss against the pretty scenery.

And no one got really punished for their crimes!!! Stay with me forever.

Actually out of the three dramas – the most satisfying ending. Ji-won is happy to find that Sun-woo is regaining his sight, though he chooses that time to drop the bomb that he went to visit Jin, his father.

Also the four of them on the cliff was very well done. Archived from the original on Thanks to you HeadsNo2.

Thanks for the recaps, HeadsNo2. Super awkwardly-edited cut to: However, you realise that, Seon-wu’s guardian, Kyung-pil, dies a mysterious demise and Seon-wu becomes blind while investigating about the case. If he did survive, I don’t know why they didn’t show us the two hands connecting, which would have been full of powerful symbolism.

Sinopsis Drama Korea The Equator Man Episode 1-20

I may never forgive the ones that I hate, but Equator Man lost the ratings race at the finish line, coming in right behind Rooftop Prince at A tense, emotionally charged tale of brotherhood and betrayal, it follows two best friends with a tragic, twisted history that equahor them from youth to adulthood.


There were flaws, true enough, but all in all it was an entertaining hour ride. It faded to black, then Sun Woo was being told by a doctor that his blindness was the result of shock or emotional stress.

Ah, thank you for bringing up that bit about the scene with the doctor and reminding me! While Sun-woo went blind for a qeuator he was able to come back better than ever and could have lived a fulfilling life, but he made it so that Jang-il had it worse than he did when the whole dead father thing happened.

Ji-won, that is a volunteer reader regarding visually impaired people, meets Seon-wu by chance they usually fall in love. I’ll leave out the father side story because I found it irrelevant and unneeded. I’m just going to go with the writer wanted to redeem jangil by having him showing remorse for his wrong-doings,but other than that flaw I loved the ending. KBS ‘s Wednesday—Thursday dramas. Jang-il, the smartest of the school, and Seon-wu, the particular strongest kid in Yeosu, are generally best friends.

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And when they showed it, I can’t handle the tears anymore And it will make the scene at cliff more powerful. Oh Live or Die. You present me with one of memorable Kdrama again.

And it was fun reading everyone eqyator thoughts on it. Stellar performances by both She was utterly useless tbe it as well as being his pillar – come on, man cried on several occasions and best she could do was to ALLOW him to lean onto her lap and pad him on the shoulder?!


I was only able to check sources in English– maybe someone can report back to us about what’s been said in the Korean media. I watched the whole movie because of him and his gorgeous face.

Go Bong Sil Korean Title: Since I wasn’t sure, I googled it, and it seems there is some confusion about it, including among Korean netizens. If only they showed remorse jang Il more often, If only I can get that raw emotion when He torn wheter he want to killed Sun Episoode the second time Sun-woo returns to his primitive tent-home outfitted with modern amenities. The real person behind all those masquerades and labels Media on the net tv KDrama recap.

Those scenes with the young-old selves.

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Before that, though, he wants Sun-woo to take him back to their hometown. TNmS Ratings in Korean. And that’s what Sun Woo was faced with in the last act of the show. I’m mostly satisfied with the outcome and I definitely enjoyed the ride. For awhile, I kept thinking, “This is an insanity defense setup?!