For that purpose, it would be hard to elaborate any serious life lessons. MinJae is rather insulted. For me that was a great feat as I was absent from kdrama land for quite some time. These were good characters and the mythology held up, but I definitely wanted more from the story. He is sad all over again, standing still in the middle of the sidewalk. He graciously offers his congratulations as they invite him inside. I will never separate from you again. Once I started watching however, I saw like many others what this drama could be, and I then wanted it to be more.

I haven’t seen Love Story in Harvard. It was seriously refreshing to see. Because I am very curious. While unloading the bags in his kitchen, Joon-sang contemplates that they feel like a married pair already. Or it would have been nice to understand what happened with Jae-In’s biological mother I kept wondering why they kept the title but never openly referred to it. Thank goodness you guys are not knetz.

I just noticed something is it descended from the sun or descendant slnopsis the sun? Plus, considering it’s low budget side note: Chi Hoon gathers Nurse Ha eplsode Min Ji to watch the latest news from Urk, including the little boy who finally got his goat. I think she will more likely feel conflicted because to Joo-won the incident where her dad died saving him was a memory so traumatic, he had repressed it in order to survive.

Please carry on giving us more dramas.

Flames of Desire Episode 16

This was a sweet show: Kudos to Jin Goo for a terrific job. I trusted you, writer, you betrayed me: The princess ended up in a wheelchair and the handsome bodyguard died.

Idk, you put my feelings into words so well. As soon as she says it, Shin turns around and sees her. Also we saw that on the battle field he was without any pity or compassion.


It’s always seemed like he was way more into her than she was into him. That will never change, whether I live or die. They looked so great together! Ki Bum says he passed and is now a high school graduate. She can join him as an angel where they serve as guardians for all sknopsis on Earth I also really, really hope that all four of them will be able to meet each other again during this lifetime.

There is no divine “Will”.

7 Best Nice Guy (Innocent Man) images | A good man, Drama korea, Innocent man

It’s 61-1 around 35 min anyway to show the part where Jae In seek approval from Da Hyun’s parents and the actual marriage part. Happy to meet everyone here to shares our thoughts, ideas, theories, explanations, loves, and kindness. Oska earns back his good name, and the fickle press rushes him to ask how it feels to defend his honor. Although Sunny and WangYeo don’t remember their pasts, I’m thankful they were given the opportunity to truly fall in love without any external angst getting in their way.

Mo Yeon has Shi Jin driving her new car Big Boss and he asks if she likes him so much that she named her car after him code name. But all in all, it is the happiest romcom this year.

I’m so sad to see this drama end. I can totally imagine that Goblin became a god like Samshin and Nabi god. The unni ghost who always follows her around gets misty-eyed at the thought of Eun-tak getting a happy ending, and she and her ghost friend are shocked when Eun-tak turns around and sees them.

Sorry, that should be ‘alumnus’.


Other than that Im shipping Wang Yeo and Epjsode and praying the drama Gods give them their own drama with them being leads. Something like that would make me happier and more swoon worthy to make full use of the shipwreck night sky scene. You chose the same scenes I did for most touching and funny. She walks toward the door. It was a little too much. Very good episode imo.

Sandy Atleast he’s waiting for someone he love and epislde happily with her how short it may be. But we don’t know what’s lurking behind Lawyer Park background.?


But I think that the female writer did a disastrous job. For me that was the strength of DOTS. I dreaded this moment And i dun know why they condemm about shk acting. I never ever said I hate it. And we see that DH has indeed matured and indeed fulfilled being Shin’s nephew, brother, uncle etc Josina January 3, at 1: Nomad April 18, at 2: They look happy, and Shin watches them go.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis Nice Guy Episode 19

Myung Joo looks upset and asks who it is? He gives her a kiss, and they bid each other goodbye. Episode 6 by Helcat. I guess because it is when I truly feel that their love story is an epic one.

I also wished RI showed more affection to JW at the hospital. Now that her son finally comes to his senses, NaYoung is so relaxed.