Just finished the series. You can first download and install the right version on your computer and then follow the instructions below to record online movies. Your not looking properly then mate. Though some films and TV shows require you to sign up before you start the streaming or downloading, the registration is free and straightforward. Users can rate movies to make it easier for others to choose something to enjoy. All you have to do is click out of the advertisement or close the web page that pops up to access the movie.

You can set your tele up to stream it wirelessly aswell. How does this work with Apple TV btw? Posted April 2, You can find almost all genres of film from different countries and years on this site, including Comedy, Horror, Country, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, etc. Posted April 14, Iomovies is a trendy alternative to Solarmovie. By Boab Started 1 hour ago.

Seems that Barwo site is suspended now Anybody found a downloader app for it? Really good site man I’ve watched a good few movies and TV shows already. As the name suggests, vmate App is a movie downloader practical application.

Top 13 Sites Like SolarMovie for Watching Movies

Plenty up to date stuff. It serves as a guide for different episodes and films, so you know what is playing when. There is always a slideshow running on the site, telling you the upcoming new movies. They can even be downloaded for watching at a later time.

Yify is considered a high-quality replacement for SolarMovie. Free It provides movie info and trailer only. Constant pop ups take me sitss from what I’m trying to download then when Baewo registered for the site if I ever actually get through to the show I want to download it takes me to some other sign up thing where it asks for CC details.

Started getting into The Vikings with Gabriel Byrne. Vikings is pretty good. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted April 28, Posted April 24, Prev 1 2 3 Next. Had a look on the site in the OP, all the movies are old and naff!!


This is how they keep the movis service free for its users. You can discover Movies. I use it on my wee cheap chinese tablet with Dice player. Is Apple TV worth getting btw?

YesMovies is one of the best online movie streaming sites like SolarMovie. Works well with Apple TV. It is always good to have different options because people like different layouts, formats, and movoes when it comes barwp watching movies and television shows online. Well that was shortlived I started with Vikings which was brilliant. Both the Windows and Mac versions are provided. You can have a great time watching the well-loved movies and engaging in conversation about them.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Happened a few weeks ago, was back up after a couple of days. Open the downloader app itself and use the browser on there to bring up iseries. I suggest you remove them. People who love to watch movies or television shows will enjoy the community spirit found at IMDB. These days, there are so many different streaming movie sites available on the Internet.

You can find box office listings in any case you want to leave your house and go to the theatre as well as many full-length films to watch at home.

Rainierland is not as famous of a website as with the other sites like Solarmovies in the list. Fuugl is a scam to get peoples credit card. You can select a film to watch easily or use one of their search filter capabilities to find the perfect show for you. There are easy to use menus for new releases, movies, trailers, and other film options, or you can just read the articles and view the videos that are posted frequently to the page.


This website requires registration if you want to get involved with likee information and communication going on about movies, celebrities and other news in the entertainment industry.

Top 13 Sites Similar to SolarMovie for Watching Movies Online

They may have changed the web address, but it directed you automatically for a short while. By Boab Started 1 hour ago.

They both work at their best earlier in the day in the uk. Given that its a streaming site, and you don’t have to download, I think it’s great. Often has new releases on it. You can set your tele up to stream it wirelessly aswell. All you have to do is click out of the advertisement or close the web movids that pops up to access the movie.

Barwo is a treat like. Labeling of film, for example, is not that detailed and downloading is not available. It also has a quite intuitive interface so that you can quickly search and find your favorite movie.

I typed in stream download into the App Store. Makes sense, your a lifesaver. Although IMDB is not a video streaming service, it offers the most extensive database of movies and television shows that are both available to watch now in the theatres or on cable networks.

It’s a quality site. The link here is to a website that allows the free streaming of many films updated all the time too.