For decades, Smithsonian researchers and partners have traveled to Myanmar to study Asian elephants, a species threatened by poaching, habitat loss and human-elephant conflict. We went to the northernmost city in the world to find out why, and stumbled into the first act of a science fiction flick about something deadly, […]. You might want a sneak preview of all the awesome gear going up for grabs. When one of his falcons is struck by a rattlesnake he must race across the state to meet his veterinarian wife in an attempt to save […]. Now is our chance to have a say in how these rivers are managed for ourselves and for generations to come. A free fun, interactive and educational community event celebrating the millions of baby salmon as they make their journey down the Skeena River to the Pacific Ocean! After the leaders of this occupation put out a call to arms via social media, the Malheur occupiers quickly bolstered […].

Deeply immersive and experiential, the film follows a pig farmer through his final season of slaughtering pigs. His dreams of being a doctor forever lost. The film introduces viewers to a new framework for farming; one that is rooted in a network of community members, dedicated to educating the next generation of farmers, and committed to connecting youth to the sources of […]. They latch onto facts like these: The friendship itself was an act of resistance and the […]. This parody of a prescription drug commercial pokes fun at the many environmentally unfriendly actions we take on a daily basis in our convenience-addicted society […].

Students learn how recycling reduces their ecological footprint, which helps protect the habitats of endangered species they love…like salmon, bears, eagles and big trees!

Sechelt: Skeena Wild Filmfest – My Coast Now

June 10th, is Canada Rivers Day, let’s celebrate our rivers! There are no surf shops, guidebooks or webcams.

This documentary tells the real story of the people that live in southern West Virginia- suffering through the decline of coal, fighting battles to feed their families, and […]. Juxtaposing the catastrophic disappearance of bees with the mysterious test of the beehive, this engaging and ultimately uplifting film weaves an unusual and dramatic […]. Snake River salmon swim more than miles inland and climb almost 7, fklm to reach their spawning grounds.


For 14 years, the farmers feed their families and community, and create an urban oasis. A story of a 13 year-old boy who faces special challenges as he climbs mount Kilimanjaro, the worlds iwld freestanding mountain.

Sacred Cod chronicles the collapse of the historic cod fishery in the waters off New England. It will no longer be a men’s only group.

SkeenaWild Film Festival – Kispiox Valley

It improves water quality, provides salmon habitat, protects our […]. Fllm result is joyous and effective engagement and action. That has always been the escape strategy of the Czech tramps, outdoorsmen and women who hike, camp, canoe and ride the rails. Once the most abundant vertebrate in the Sierra Nevada, mountain yellow-legged frog populations plummeted with the introduction of non-native fish.

How to Boil zkeena Frog is an eco-comedy that mixes rapid-fire humor with hard-hitting facts to show the consequences of Overshoot: Wes Quock, Rachelle van Zanten, Andy Louie and closing with the greatest northern jam session this side of the dest This short, narrated by Robert Redford, this film shows how an ordinary person […].

Natalie is an aerospace engineer, a pilot, an influencer, an avid fezt, and has made it to the top of astronaut candidates. We all have a role skeean changing this reality.

Peter Mather is a teacher who started his career in the tiny northern community of Old Crow. This extreme life experience teaches him the principles of survival and solidarity, and reveals to him his vocation: Six Greenpeace activists climbed the chimney of the Kingsnorth coal plant to protest the building of a second unit and they then attempted to paint the side of the tower but were unable to finish. A century ago, a businessman dammed the waters of the Klallam people where pound salmon cast their shadows.

The proposed Temperance Flat Dam threatens to destroy fesf pristine river gorge for a tiny drop in the bucket. Innovation meets inclusion in an ambitious experiment to provide year-round produce and employment opportunities in a Wyoming mountain town.

In the remote Russian Arctic, an aging scientist and his son are trying to recreate the Ice Age. A relaxing day out in the Scottish countryside means something different for Danny MacAskill than it does for most people.


For the first time in nearly 60 years, the mile long San Joaquin River, the second largest in California, has come back to life. From fracking to fish, public forum takes on LNG issues in northern B. A tale of longing and discovery. Are you an avid skier? A new documentary offering a candid look at the context and consequences of the Northern Gateway pipeline. She had no idea that this would lead her to focus on helping […].

United and Join Us! Clothes for all weather and activities Food for your entire group for the duration of your stay in the Headwaters. This parody of a prescription drug commercial pokes fun at the many environmentally unfriendly actions we take on a daily basis in our convenience-addicted society […]. From Canada to Maryland, Colorado to Holland: Fri, April 27, – Fri, April 29, – 4: Beyond Boarding is an organization dedicated to spreading interest in humanitarian and environmental work within the snowboarding community.

Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio, Before the Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the world due to climate change, as well as the actions we as individuals and as a society can take to prevent […].

In the winter months, strong winds blow across the cold water creating deadly currents… icebergs… and waves. Follow paddlers Adam and Susan Elliott as they kayak, fish, packraft and explore the wild rivers of the Olympic Peninsula. He started to shake. An evening reception, with an artist talk and short film screening will take place on April 27th at Millennium Place.

Our Ancestors are the land. Portrait of a Winemaker: By “we” I dilm the entire northwest and our supporters from the South Come celebrate with the First Nations, communities and citizens of the Northwest who stood united for nearly a decade in defense of the birthplace of wild salmon rivers, the Stikine, Nass and Skeena AND WON!!