Tango -5 TV documentary short. Prezrta okolja documentary TV series. Somewhere in September fiction. Beyond Boundaries documentary. Her Rules, My Feast fiction. Guardians of Civilization documentary TV feature.

Big Blue Subway short fiction video. Going Our Way unknown. Crossy Road fiction. Food Fetish fiction. A Concert for Mobile Phones and an Orchestra docu-feature middle. Seven Sins and Virtues documentary feature. Sense of water fiction short.

What do I Know fiction short.

Films from to – Slovenian Film Centre

Dad, can I drive the car fiction. Little Ladybird wants to Grow up animation. Family Film fiction.

Brickloader animated short. Boj za documentary.

Sign Here student fiction. Boris Pahor – Stubborn Memory unknown. Student Vouchers unknown. Flow documentary TV film.

Koyaa – Freezing Sleplo kratki lutkovni animirani film. The Fiddler fiction short. Messi Injured fiction. Dinner short TV animation. My Little Sweethearts fiction TV short. The Stricken student documentary. Tunnel graduating fiction short. My Name Is Mirror student fiction. Breaking Point fiction. Figurae Veneris graduating fiction short. Kosovni odvoz documentary.


Srdohrd student fiction. Baby Boom animation.

Brothers student fiction short. Coachman animation short. Slocenski Is a Trumpet fiction. A Well Spent Afternoon fiction short. The Sea at the Time of the Eclipse fiction feature. Bread and Circuses fiction. The Second Generation documentary TV film. Stripburger in motion unknown. Behind closed eyes fiction. Ivana Kobilca — A Portrait of a Painter documentary feature. Prezrta okolja documentary TV series.

Courtyard animated short. Champagne Twist documentary. Liberate Liberation Front documentary. Black Brothers fiction.

Films from 2000 to 2018

Dawning student fiction. Mask, The TV etude. Lillies of the Valley student fiction short. Shanghai Gypsy fiction. Love and other crimes fiction feature. The Candidate and the Chauffeur unknown. Dance of Words student documentary short.

Triangle TV etude.