Nathan kidnaps Pete to force his mother, Judge Abigail Ross Clark must try to save Lana and change the future. File search results 1 – 50 of for smallville season 9 episode Season 10 Episode The combination of the scream with a bijouterie of kryptonite deflecting Clark’s heat vision back to his face makes Clark blind. When Clarks wakes up, he learns that was was asleep – for the last 36 consecutive hours. He shows a picture of a suspect who resembles Clark Kent in an old newspaper to Lana. When Jonathan goes to Smallville Medical Centre for a physical examination, his doctor diagnoses arterial blockage and recommends a triple bypass heart surgery procedure.

While on the roof of the barn, Jonathan is contacted though the octagonal key and Clark saves him from a fall. They are the arrogant, power-stealing Eric Summers from episode “Leech” , the angry, meteor-rock mutant racist Van McNulty from While in an elevator at Luthor Corp with another girl during a class field trip, Clark is forced to use a few of his abilities when the cable of the elevator accidentally breaks and in the process, the student, Alicia Baker, witnesses Clark’s ability of heat vision and punching through steel and in return, Alicia ‘teleports’ herself and Clark out of the elevator. September 21, , Also, Lana tries to declare her He was near death, too and lost most of his blood like Captain Mantz. Clark Kent, after seeing a Kryptonian symbol on a necklace of the suspect, believes that the young stranger was, in fact, Jor-El. See also TV Schedule.

He claims that he had received an e-mail just before his action. Audible Download Audio Books. Virgil Swann and proposes an association to investigate Clark. Meanwhile, Clark also returns to Smallville and the Kent farm, but Morgan Edge finds him and threatens to kill Jonathan and Martha in to get what Clark stole from Lionel Luthor’s safe, which is the stolen vial of Clark Kent’s blood.

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Lionel sends a key of the secret chamber in the Luthor Mansion to Clark where he finally discovers the reason for the last three years of Lex’s personal Lex offers his protection to Chloe to help him investigate his father’s past if he had anything to do Kara also forces Jonathan to reveal the secret deal he made with Jor-El at the beginning of the season.


While looking for a birthday gift for Martha at a local jewelry store, Clark intervenes when two thieves try to rob the place using the powerful scream of Nathan Dean Micah Albertia meteor-rock mutant with the ability to project ear-splitting screams. Lex returns to Smalville and the Lex mansion, and invites Dr.

Claire Foster, to submit Lex to an experimental electroshock therapy technique to erase his memory and forget his past events. Search Results for “season 7 greys anatomy episode 11 megashare”.

Clark investigates the murder of Jake, and finds that the criminal is Jake’s friend Van McNulty, who is killing people affected by smzllville meteor rock radiation, and Lex is the next in his death list. Vucirca Season 10 Episode 12 Airing: Clark’s future boss at the Daily Planet shows up; Perry White, but this time around he’s a dirt bag reporter working for the tabloids.

One of the criminals, Masterson William MacDonald is arrested.

At the Kent farm, Clark Kent is surprised in the middle of the night by a naked young woman claiming that she is Kara from Krypton, and asking him to go with her somewhere through srason Kawatche caves to be “re-born” with the spirit of Jor-El. Later, Lana also receives an e-mail from the same address and tries to kill Chloe sewson the steps of Smallville High, who is saved by Adam Knight.

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However, a hit man tries to kill Lex in the mansion, but he escapes to Kent Farm. Back in Smallville, Dr. Nathan kidnaps Pete to force his mother, Judge Abigail Ross When Jordan touches Adam, he tells Lana that Adam had already Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Lazarus g is available on a new fast. Jordan also learns Clark’s secret after he physically bumps into him. Blogroll DoD Live Blog. Professor Willoebrook brings his assistant Jeremiah Holdsclaw, who takes the relic from the hands of Lionel.


Superhero Shows to Binge This Fall. Lana Lang visits a sick, elderly man who has been in prison for more than 40 years for allegedly killing his beloved wife.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 12 Collateral. Chloe visits a former friend of her father in Luthor Corp. She steals his security card and breaks in cuirca Luthor Corp. Watch Smallville Abandoned Season 10 Episode 8 s10e08 online tide free.

But she gets accidentally exposed to a meteor-rock gas which gives her the ability to smalville people tell the truth whenever she gets in close contact with them, thus exposing their innermost secrets. He runs away from Lionel’s security men with the mythic knife. After leaving an article full of denunciations about the “Summerholt Neurological Institute” with her former colleague of the Daily Planet, Max Taylor, Chloe is chased by Clark Kent who tries to run her down with his truck.

Helen Bryce for a second honeymoon while trying to find out if it was her or his father who attempted to kill him.

The combination of the scream with a bijouterie of kryptonite deflecting Clark’s heat vision back to his face makes Clark blind.