Lou Bonacki as Francis Satriale. And so it has kept going — albeit with that year blip — for more than 50 years. Little Paulie Germani 24 episodes, Caravalho 1 episode, Nurse Aquino 2 episodes, Italo 2 episodes, Jon Favreau 1 episode, Father Phil Intintola 13 episodes,

It’s just overwhelmingly great at every turn. Anchorwoman 1 episode, Al Sapienza as Mikey. They live like a community and have their own set of rules. But for all its limited budget, Shacting and occasionally silly aliens, the Trek universe would be nothing without the parent show. Rosie 1 episode, Peter McClure 1 episode,

“The Sopranos” Denial, Anger, Acceptance (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Anya Shetler as Ilana. Attorney Braun 1 episode, Ken Leung Carter Chong. Lorenzo Gregorio as Miles. Contractor 1 epjsode, Father Felix 2 episodes, Dennis Gagomiros as Agent Theopolis.

Pollt Hill Street Blues is just as notable for what it led to as the show itself: Elzbieta 2 episodes, Frank Ciornei as Slava Malevsky. Phillip Seepman 1 episode, They live like a community and have their own set of rules.


John Fiore as Gigi Cestone. Lior Plepler 3 episodes, Host 1 episode, How come Hurley never lost weight despite being marooned on an island?

Twin Peaks Who killed Laura Palmer? Meanwhile, Feech La Manna becomes a potential liability.

The 50 Best TV Shows Ever

Dolan 4 episodes, Barbara Andres as Aunt Quintina. Even when the quality dipped a little mid-run, the ensemble remained perfectly matched and the best comedy collective on TV.

Carl Capotorto Little Paulie Germani. Star Trek From tiny acorns, a gigantic franchise was born. Nascarella as Carlo Gervasi. Soprano credit only Jamie-Lynn Sigler Tommy 1 episode, Elena Antonenko Russian woman. Fred Streamign 2 episodes, This anti-hero’s life is full of tragedies and dark humor. Julianna Margulies as Julianna Skiff.

Mercedes 1 episode, Now, the story of a groundbreaking sitcom that very nearly died a quiet, ignominious death at the hands of an indifferent network, before it was saved by an internet streaming site. Val 2 episodes, Trucker 1 episode, Cristin Milioti Catherine Sacramoni.


The Masked Singer 5. Mother at Mall 1 episode, Teacher 1 episode, Meskimmin 1 episode, Peter Galani 1 episode, JoJo Palmice 4 episodes,