I cry at night because I don’t have a dad. Go ahead and take a seat. Ah, I need to be going now. My cousin one time my cousin and I touched wieners. If I could say Titty sprinkles on national television I would be so happy. I gotta get to a psychiatrist and learn to control what I say! Or search on popular sources:. My dad finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Nobody talks to me like that! Please, I need a miracle. He can’t control what he says. What are you doin’ here? Donaldson has come from the Tourette’s Tolerance and Understanding Foundation. Please, I know I screwed up.

Well all right Eric. In a few minutes, you will meet little Eric Cartman. Do you have any idea how horrible that is to say?

I didn’t say that, yes I did but why? I’ve found something better! Whatever enters my brain I can just say without thinking about it. Are you in position?

It’d be a shame if you didn’t wanna go on Dateline. Kyle, watch your language! Full episode in HD available using Hulu Plus – watch now.

8 Le Petit Tourette

It makes me feel insecure about my illness. Share this page with your friends and followers:.


All right, hold lark just a second here. Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Season 11 Season You guys, don’t laugh.

You’ve all been so understanding and supportive of my illness. Kyle, apparently you missed the school assembly yesterday.

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And I’m secretly in love with Patty Nelson. Dude, that mom is kewl. You’re telling me there’s an illness that makes you blurt watcg obscenities? Sir, why don’t you take a seat, right over there. Well good luck on Dateline tonight. How did I get myself into this? Suck my ass barf! I couldn’t quite make that out, Kyle.

These kids can’t control their actions.

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Episode II Episode 12 Imaginationland: Photo, Meme or GIF. This is probably HotForBoys What is My Phone Number.

Did Cartman just say “shitballs” to the principal? Optional, please keep it short. Please, God, don’t make me embarrass myself on national television. You do not have Tourette’s Syndrome, fatass! A lot of times I know she’d be better off if Onlime was dead.


Hide ads with VIP. Next week on Dateline NBC: Episode I Episode 11 Imaginationland: The teachers and the principal, they won’t understand that I can’t control what I say. The fat kid is faking it! I mean, if somebody got used to saying whatever came to their mind.

And it means a lot that you’re standing here apologizing with your dad and lovely mother. This is the kind of intolerance you teach at this school, Principal Victoria?!

Finally, my wish of going public with my illness can come true.