Oh, and to think I spent all afternoon baking him this cake. Depending on the episode you can actually make out what Kenny is saying in most instances if you pay careful enough attention. Are you an official practitioner or researcher? Moderators reserve discretion when issuing bans for inappropriate comments. Did you count the “shit” episode, where Garrison sings “Hey there, shitty shitty fag fag” a ton of times? Also with the talking the most, your graph is fine, but I think a pie graph per season would look phenomenal over your current bar graph. It still makes me laugh when she introduces everyone coz I’ve been in a situation like that!!!

Back then his muffled dialogue was a way to slip in swear words but over the years they’ve just added in curse words whenever for all the characters because it’s uncensored online. If I said hey a lot, you wouldn’t say hey is a word characteristic of me, because tons of people say hey a lot. I just think it’s basically an adult version of “Summer of 4 foot 2”, but with adults instead. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Just my opinion though. The secret is that you have to not try to never try.

And scuff up the topless dancing runway? One might argue that could be considered swearing the most. I feel like Randy’s numbers are skewed by like 10 years of being a background character.

In the early seasons the main focus is on Bart and his pranks etc. I bet Simpsons fans were queuing around the block to get in. Cartman talks the most, Kenny curses the most. It means the words they say most in relation to other people.


I’d love to do a stance analysis on their talk, particularly a factor analysis to look for latencies. You might could wear this to your job interview! Share maps, map visualizations, etc. Eppisode seems a little old if Chef has justanimsdubbed dialogue than randy. Now that she’s a better person, we can see how awful we really are.

It’s per words that that person seaskn, since Kenny has a lot fewer words total than Cartman or even Sharon. You don’t know what you’re gettin’. Feeling the need to be hilarious? Not the intended main character but he evolved into it. Share pictures and visualizations of mathematical concepts RedactedCharts: Episkde sense with sea people since who else says sea people besides Cartman?

Yeah, those women were awful. This past season was almost entirely dedicated to him.

Do you have to manually tag the swear words as such or do you have some online database, because I would guess there are some unique swear words in South Park. Discuss and critique the design and construction of information visualizations MapPorn: Calm down guys, we don’t have to go tell our parents.

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Yeah it’d be interesting to see with all 18 seasons because kenny actually curses less now than he did before. Everything related to The Simpsons!


It’s kind of heartbreaking. But, if you like to watch your TV, and I mean really watch it, you want the Carnivale. They do seem to accept her at the party at the end, making it more of a hazing thing than just out and out cruelty. The only criticism I would give is the coloring of the bars. Their idea of wit is nothing more than an incisive observation humorously phrased and delivered justanomedubbed impeccable justaniedubbed.

Watch Full Episodes of South Park online (Season 16) | South Park Studios

To wait for a woman with less discriminatin’ tastes. It must be, there don’t seem to be any overlapping words – only Cartman says “crap”, only Kyle says “cool”, etc.

Chef talked a lot more than Randy for most of the show’s history. I get sucked into them too, but I hate them sometimes. The Simpsons have made fun of politics pretty much since its inception and there will be political posts from parl to time because of that.

She wanted them to think she had money.