She is forced to watch as Crixus is beheaded by Tiberius. Ilithyia later returns after Spartacus lets her go, and kills Seppia, who was about to kill Glaber. Ilithyia, pleading for her life and the life of her unborn child, reveals to Spartacus that the child she carries is not Glaber’s, but his own child, conceived the night that Lucretia tricked her into laying with Spartacus. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. You know, it’s interesting because we did have an incest plot planned for Vengeance , with the twin characters of Seppius and Seppia, but when I heard that Game of Thrones had it as an integral part of the story then we decided to, let’s say, tip our hat to it, as we drove past. This page was last edited on 24 January , at He ruins these plans when he kills her father, Albinius.

He rises in the ranks of the ludus , eventually becoming second only to Gannicus. Gods of the Arena , the prequel to Spartacus: Spartacus then faces off with Crassus, but when he finally has the Roman on his knees, Spartacus is struck from behind, when three spears pierce his body. Lucretia’s personal and loyal slave. DeKnight has revealed that plans were afoot for an incestous storyline in the upcoming second season of Starz’s hit series Spartacus: He resorts to ever more murderous tactics to secure this goal; murdering Seppius to gain control of his men and enlisting Ashur to recruit former gladiators as a personal hit squad. Archived from the original on June 9, Glaber appears to agree to the terms.

And Game of Thrones did it so brilliantly.

Despite their previous animosity, she and Ilithyia slowly rekindle their friendship. Clements and released on January 3, In response, Gannicus kidnaps Ilithyia and delivers her seriie Spartacus, thinking that if Spartacus kills the woman of the man who killed his, the rebellion will end with no more bloodshed.


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Chadara would rather seek her place in the bed of another gladiator but is rebuffed. Thus, Agron is returned to the rebels, and reunited with Nasir. Ilithyia kisses Glaber goodbye. Glaber requested the aid of Spartacus’ tribe of Thracians serif return for Roman aid against their enemies.

Back in Capua, Ilithyia outshines Seppia, who was unable to participate in the torture of the prisoner, and brokers a deal with Varinius for marriage if Senator Albinius Ilithyia’s father dissolves her marriage. In Vengencehe is tasked by the Senate with ending the rebellion. Retrieved January 8, Retrieved April 11, King Kong Mon, Mar sfrie Retrieved March 9, Hobbs made his film debut in Peter Jackson’s and later worked with Jackson again on the short film Crossing the Although they are somewhat trusted partners at first, he later begins to rape Lucretia, and plans for her to become his wife after Glaber sets him free.

Despite pleas to join their cause, he returns to Capua and Seppius tries to force him to join his army against the rebels. Agron, who believes seppijs attempt to free Naevia would result in the death of all the Rebels, lies and tells Crixus that Naevia is dead.

The map on which Spartacus and Agron derie their plans vanishes along with the last bit of money the rebels have.

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Elsewhere, Oenomaus Doctore remains estranged from Spartacus and Crixus and feels extremely guilty for helping destroy the House of Batiatus. During the battle, Spartacus and Glaber fight once more with Spartacus finally slaying his hated foe by stabbing him through the chest, then ramming his blade down his throat. When the rebels take control of the villa, she is critically wounded by an angered Crixus, doing so to prevent her from bearing his child.


Archived from the original on June 9, selpius When the arena opens Solonius’ and Batiatus’ gladiators compete with each other, Batiatus’ gladiators prevailing in the contest.

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Gannicus is then crucified along with thousands of other rebels. Doctore, making good on his word, tries to kill Ashur but his seplius victim eludes him. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

From Ilithyia’s information on the Rebels’ location, Ashur pinpoints the site of their temple base, and as reward he is promised his freedom after the defeat se;pius Spartacus. War of the Damned on July 13, A plan is hatched and brothers are reunited upon the sands in this episode.

Batiatus arranges the purchase of Sura, but she is delivered mortally wounded, supposedly having been waylaid by bandits en route.

Actor Miscellaneous Crew Self. Many months later, after it is revealed to him that his wife murdered Licinia, the cousin of Marcus Crassushe is forced to grant Batiatus patronage in his quest to gain political station.

He approaches Crassus’ army from behind with his own group, distracting him from Spartacus. At a party organised for the Capuan elite, he tricks Dagan into being raped by a Roman, after which even Dagan turns on him. Spartacus and his followers escape the mountaintop and began bombarding the Roman army with his own siege equipment.