Rolento , Elena , Poison and Hugo all ported from their Street Fighter x Tekken appearances , as well as an all-new character, Decapre. An excellent overview of the character. After an EX Shikusen, once the opponent bounces off the wall, she can combo into it, and of course after a Level 2 or 3 Focus Attack. Retrieved February 9, Must see for Juri players, especially new players. Street Fighter Alpha Generations was easily the worst. That movie would be awesome. Super Street Fighter IV:

Is that possible without creating a black hole? The arcade version of the game would be later ported to home platforms in the form of Super Street Fighter IV: Obviously there can be updates via DLC so perhaps in , we could upload a patch for Super Street Fighter IV edition that would have tuning and balancing. If both players deplete their meters at the same time or contain the same amount when the round timer ends, it will result in either a “Double KO” or a draw giving both players a round win. TrivialPsychic TrivialPsychic 8 years ago 14 From: Combat- talk – combat combat- talk – awesome 2v2 fight- ryu chases after bison while some random good guys Lets say ken, cammy, chun li fight some random bad guys Juri, Bolrog, and vega , we have an epic fight with cuts to the big brawl to switch the action, then we have.. The minute feature serves as an origin story to Juri and a canonical precursor to the game. Bison in a wheeler ftw.

The Animated Movie Alpha: Is that possible without creating a black hole? Juri will kick upwards creating a trail of purple energy. Heres a jovie Ryu must Infinity Strike Witches Red Garden: Super Street Fighter IV includes all the original 25 World Warriors from the home version of Street Fighter IVas well as 10 new fighters, all of which are unlocked at the start of the game.


SSF4 Chun Li, Cammy vs Juri

But as a packaged product, I think this is the last. No wonder they didnt try to sell to the rest of the world. Juri’s projectile which is one of the most unorthodox projectiles seen in any Street Fighter game to date. Forgot your username or password? Retrieved August 29, The latter is just boring as hell. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. Human Killing Machine Street Fighter Ok, I admit I haven’t seen the Chun Li movie. Super Street Fighter 4 Confirmed!

Retrieved 22 February April 27, JP: Juri has an energy-boosting device implanted inside her left eye called the “Feng Shui Engine”, which provides her with time-warping abilities.

The game will also feature Download Play, allowing two local players who have downloaded the game from another player to play against each other without a copy of the game though these players are restricted to only one stage and Ryu. Gate Keepers Vandread Samurai Girl: I can’t believe this one could be worse. Single-playercompetitive multiplayer.

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Don’t have an account? During the launch of the arcade version, a launch trailer was uploaded teasing secret characters Evil Ryu and Oni.

TrivialPsychic TrivialPsychic 8 years ago 14 From: The game also introduced two all-new fighters. The update, available as downloadable content in the console versions, and a retail game for XboxPlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows, [34] includes several balance changes, as well adding Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu as playable characters.

I guess i could even get mod now only for saying where i watch this movie lol. The first challenge involves destroying a car while the second has players break as many barrels as they can.


This is arguably her better Ultra when used properly, even though it generally wont allow guaranteed damage like her second Ultea. For victory we ride, fury of the storm! There is also another element of this projectile which is the initial start up of the move.

This game offers ten new fighters in addition to the entire returning cast from the original. Maybe i should say that i saw it in my friends house in Japan.

April 28, EU: Views Read Edit View history. Also announced was the ability to swap “trophies” using “StreetPass” and the ability to launch into battles when in proximity of another Street Fighter IV player. All 35 available from the start”. And the SF4 movie was worse than all of that.

The EX versions has sxf4 that make it even more devastating than the normal versions.

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Retrieved from ” https: Hawk Vega Yun and Yang Zangief. Even worse than the Legend of Chun Li. The Animation 18if Kakuriyo: Archived from the original on May 3, Klathy Klathy 8 years ago 8 Street Fighter High: All characters feature at least two Ultra Combos. Retrieved July 20, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ssf4