It was then altered to an “evil twin” plot at the suggestion of Spiner and elements of Data’s origin were introduced, first as an alien creation and then at the hands of Dr. And Lore’s turn from curiosity to villain is just a tad forced, but overall, these are just a few bumps in an otherwise well-paved road. Riker smiles as if this is the first time he has heard anything about it and then proceeds to turn Data off during the trial, using the back switch instead of his hip switch. When Lore discovers them, he threatens Wesley with a phaser and orders Dr. Soong was named by Roddenberry after a friend in the Second World War. Do you have a photographic memory?

Soong was named by Roddenberry after a friend in the Second World War. I always enjoyed playing Lore because it gave me the chance to cut loose a bit. Brent Spiner reprised the role of Lore in the episodes ” Brothers ” and ” Descent “. The music played when the away team explore Omicron Theta was similar to that created by Jerry Goldsmith for the film Alien. But, as I’ve said before, it gave me the opportunity to work with my favorite actor. Pages containing links to subscription-only content Good articles Use mdy dates from January Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes. And, I’d have to watch it now to tell you whether it holds up. He gave the episode a score of three out of four.

The Enterprise visits Data’s planet, Omicron Theta, to see if they can learn more about his somewhat unknown beginnings. Data had used contractions during earlier episodes, and Spiner refused to shoot the epiaode until a final decision was reached; production stopped while there was a meeting on this subject between Gene Roddenberry, the producers, and the writers, in the middle of the bridge set.


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Lore states that he felt stsr the bridge crew should know about it, which would include Riker. What do you remember most about the challenges of playing both roles, especially when you were supposed to be interacting with yourself? He gave the episode a score of three out of four.

She thought that transporting the villain into space was shocking as the show generally presents androids as having datapore and inconsistent as Lore had just told the entity to attack when the shields drop following a transporter activation.

Maybe someone is confusing that with my desire to play Dr. The Next Generation — All he has to do is find a way to impersonate Data.

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But, as I’ve said before, it gave me the opportunity to work with my favorite actor. It was the last episode written by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Beverly Crusher Marina Sirtis An away datalpre travels to the surface and finds that what had been farmland is now barren with no trace of life in the soil.

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Jonathan Frakes light years past ‘Farpoint ‘ “. And I remember there was a shot at the end of some scene where somebody winds up on the floor. If episide were a Star Trek: She praised Spiner’s “lovely, subtle performances as both Data and Lore”, but felt that Lore’s motivations and goals were unclear, and that the crew came off as stupid by their inaction to the Lore threat.


I would’ve loved to do a Lore episode where he didn’t even come into contact with the Enterprise and Data. Was this review helpful to you?

Star Trek – The Next Generation – S 1 E 13 – Datalore

Does he have an eoisode With its conspirator no longer aboard, the crystalline entity departs, and the Enterprise resumes its journey to the starbase. For this episode, Jones created a six-note theme to represent Lore. Archived from the original on February 25, Michelle Erica Green, who reviewed the episode for TrekNation in Maythought she might be more forgiving in hindsight as she knows that the follow-ups to “Datalore” were great episodes.

Add the first question. It was a vital TNG hour, and for several reasons. That was one of the concerns with the episode, would it be compelling and interesting and dramatic and dynamic? The Trek to Come in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This was instead dropped and Dr.

Scanlanbut following delays in pre-production caused by script re-writes, it was reassigned to Rob Bowman. Trivia The title is a compilation of two characters’ names, Data and his “brother’ Lore. So I went the other way with it. Views Read Edit View history.

Audible Download Audio Books. Data manages to knock Lore onto the transporter platform, and Wesley activates it, beaming Lore into space. Soong was named by Roddenberry after a friend in the Second World War.