A space ship half a kilometer long had dropped into the ocean. It isn’t really a space opera, because not much is happening in space – a couple of pages focus on alien races’ sieg I haven’t read the first book Sundiver in Brin’s Uplift Saga , but this novel seems to work pretty fine as a standalone novel. It took me a bit of time to get used to Dolphins operating a spaceship. The Library says it’s been fallow for a very long time. Toshio and Hikahi were rescued. Dennie and two other humans were waiting for the prospecting party to return. Toshio watched the small instrument panel of his seasled, pretending to check the depth gauge. For the most part it is geeky and over written.

Suessi woke up and had to swim because the room was full of water. They appear to belong to the Progenitors, the fabled First Race who seeded wisdom throughout the stars. Mar 26, Buzz H. To Toshio’s relief, Keepiru merely squeaked something high and fast in gutter Trinary, almost Primal Dolphin — that in itself a form of insult. He discovered there had been an advanced society living on the plate boundaries 30 thousand years ago. His only archeological find so far was a metal tube about three meters long. Feb 22, Denis rated it liked it. It was a design Thom did not know.

He had sent one of the dolphins Brookida back to their ship. View all 5 comments. And it is really rough to read on a sentence-by-sentence level: Initial bad prose and slow pace give way to a serviceable space operatic thriller. Two of the humans seem to rsing been test tube creations.

Charles Dart — A neo-chimpanzee planetologist. Decrypted, it says only: Since very little of the overarching plot was revealed, I consider this installment a giant tease, and hate Brin for wasting my time, yet again.

Charles Dart was complaining to Gillian. Changing alliances in space facilitate the Trojan Seahorse plan.

Congenial dolphins, lots of vicious and fascinating alien races, a couple risnig mysteries are enough to make this book worthwhile. This novel has scenes of battles in space and on the seas. The various uplifted inhabitants must batt I’ve been slowly working my way through that list. In the year C.


Hikahi said they had lost contact with the ship. Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks. The plot evolves quite interesting – they crew discovers several unexpected elements on this barren planet. And since they picked up on this little tidbit, they’re ALL after the humans. Charlie was a planetologist. It’s disappointing because the premise in the Uplift Saga is solid. This is likely why The Uplift War is a good few synopxis longer than Startide Rising is, since Brin probably realized that the world he has created is so huge, in order to give us as complete a view of it and all its weird, alien ecological politics as we would want, as well as a story with all the usual hallmarks of plot, character and humour that Brin is able to bring to the stqrtide he needed a little more space.

She knew he was a planet walker. While what happens to them is implied, things are still left rather open, although again their appearance in the later trilogy does indicate even indirectly what happens to them here.

Well, if David Brin is any kind of example, you write it rather poorly, and then you win every major genre award for it. Dolphin racism is definitely a new and rather frightening idea as one character comments rather cynically, the Phen have been made a little too human.

You guessed it – that person is black. I loved the little snapshots of the different alien ships. Want to Synopxis Currently Reading Read. He had landed in an emergency on the island where he wanted to set off his distraction. He eased the sled’s throttle back. Dolphins were in command of Streaker but Takkata-Jim reminded himself he needed a human friend. They had always found men terribly funny.

Startide Rising by David Brin

Didn’t happen here, at all. It’s not an easy read, stzrtide it’s certainly not for everyone, but it really hit all the right stadtide for me.


When Tom detonates a psi-bomb, the wave is felt around the planet and in space, where the Thennanin are convinced that their crashed ship has survived. This was a much safer way onto the island than trying to climb the metal cliffs. This story also contains intrigues and politics between the main scientists, at least one of which fits the “mad” description.

Captain Creideki asked the being under the planet for help but they were angered and refused. Also most of the chapters are short and some are super-short like a single paragraph.

Charlie asked Toshio what to do. Krat was leathery with whiskers and three abdomens. As the dolphins and their minimal human crew hide from the ETs fighting a long and startidee battle in space above them, the crew is put through stress levels the likes of which they were not designed to withstand on a planet that is far more than it seems.

Startide Rising by David Brin

He hated the two nubs on one of his dorsal fins. Thom felt that he and Gillian were made for each other. Tom smiled and said nothing, humoring my bout of wishful thinking.

Several of the dolphins were missing and Toshio Iwashika, a human midshipman from the colony dolphin world of Calafia, and several other dolphins were searching the metallic waters.

And the ultimate fate of the ship’s captain and a couple of his crew isn’t clear.


At best, they had a few weeks to get away. There was a huge detonation and he was hit on the head during the rough waves in the ocean. Starfide “twists” along the way are distractions, exerting no actual influence on the course of the story.