Total service fees and taxes. Customer service is dead in America and Stauer is the perfect example of its passing. When I went to the Stauer website it said that the particular watchband was not available. Orient Men’s ‘2nd Gen. They had taken the money out of my account on the 7th of December. Their coupons are my favorite. Our efforts allow us to offer these unique items at the best prices.

On Christmas Day, when the watch box was opened, and the watch was tried on for the very first time, the watch strap broke. The Stauer Magnificat brings the impeccable quality and engineering once found only in the collections of the idle rich. Only one problem with an item ever and Stauer made good on that item. You are not authenticated for Webshop. Not in so many words. It was impossible to locate a replacement watchband that would fit. Stauer helps you skip the luxury lines, avoid spending a fortune and get right to the urgent business of looking utterly fabulous!

I have purchased three watches and a watch valet storage case over the past few years and found all of the merchandise to be equal to or better than the description they print in their advertising. Harga Check Out sudah termasuk harga produk, biaya pengiriman internasional sesuai dengan berat estimasi yang ditampilkanbiaya pengiriman domestik, jasa weshop, dan biaya bea cukai.

No stauuer Stauer for me! Jika berat sebenarnya adalah melebihi estimasi, biaya pengiriman tambahan diperlukan untuk dibayar segera untuk melanjutkan proses.


I have my doubts as to whether the necklace would fit the neck of a woman, more likely the neck of a 10 year old girl. Ordering was so easy, plus I got a bonus necklace. Phoned to see why no delivery. Immediately after replacing the battery, the second hand stopped moving.

I will never use this firm again. Total service fees and taxes. The Stauer Bastille Bag is available now for your instant gratification. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. This automatic magnifjcat is hand built by master craftsmen with state of the art equipment.

I received a catalog from Stauer and it was very easy to purchase from them.

Instant gratification to go Sometimes luxury is a waiting game. The value can’t be beat. Stauer Jewelry Company Type: It was my job to get it. The self-promoting line they use in their advertising about having many millions of dollars of precision Swiss watch-making equipment seemed justified at first glance.

But through it all, a different breed of engineer has been crafting much smaller, more delicate, but just as impressive, bridges. By the end of October I had received no jewelry and no contact via phone or email from Stauer. The matching carat bracelet and carat earrings complete the elegant ensemble.

Told it would be delivered.

This has been a terrible experience. I am so happy that I can afford this watch. I ordered it right away. Our last two limited edition watches are completely sold out!


Thanks for your anticipated help.

STAUER MAGNIFICAT LL Automatic 27 Jewels Watch – $ | PicClick

I let the three-year warranty lapse in early without going through the whole miserable business again, feeling certain that I would not get anything better but might actually be sent a worse watch.

Then, pushing the crown back in, no matter how carefully, causes the second hand to jump several seconds. I tried to order early this year and, guess what? We motored from island to island looking for that perfect secluded spot. Bring home this lush green dream of African beauty today!

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Can’t think of much else to say since everything we very well. Finally, by NovemberI could not put up with this any longer and approached Stauer. Ketika produk ini sampai di gudang kami di US, berat sebenarnya akan diukur. The third one arrived on April 1, Then it began losing more and more time until it was running 2.