Actually he could use some help with the shop. He was small when his parents got divorced, and so he was sent to live with his mom’s father. You can make this using the Winery on your farm or buy it from Rose Country starting in Winter of year 2. Leave a comment with your rating. You can give him gifts while he is waiting for customers, as long as you walk behind the counter to directly interact with him. I like him cause he really care with me

Maybe you shouldn’t of been so stubborn Sea Urchin can be caught when diving in the river in the Piedmont area, by Georgio’s and Fritz’s farms, or in the pond at the Safari Park. Log In Sign Up. Scroll for Single Page View. The easiest loved gift to give to Raeger is Seaweed and Yellow Pearl. I’ll admit both of them are kinda tempting, but I’m probably going for the two that unlock later, still not sure which.

He’s glad you like it, but after you’ve eaten the whole thing, he realizes that he forgot to add the lemon sauce! He doesn’t look well at all!

Vinailt Vinailt 3 years ago 4 I was torn too. Raeger is glad to see you.

Story of Seasons: Bachelor Guide to Flower Events, Gifts, and More

He will thank you for this some day. Actually he could use some help with the shop.


He never said anything because he didn’t want to get into trouble. He assures you that it wouldn’t of been something to worry about. You get this recipe rseger Recipe Set 3.

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Even when he’s out wandering in the restaurant, and I’m talking to him there. AnaCallista May 10, Sign up for free!

He’s just a little tired, that’s all. After you cook his meal, he complements you on your technique and the taste of the food, and invites you to hang out with him some more.

Reager just shy, plus girls love that archetype. You happen to visit the restaurant while things are going slowly, so Raeger invites you to gufts down and chat with him for a bit.

Raeger is glad you’re interested!

You try to push him away from the kitchen, but this just makes him angry. But then I’m still only in early summer and haven’t dealt with him all that much, beyond getting fed by him. As you walk into the Restaurant, you see Raeger hard at work. You explain that you put him there, and he’s sorry that he made you worry. Soseki was not good looking at all to me.


You sound a little jealous, but you try to deny it.

This rice-category cooking recipe is a reward for winning the crop, fishing, or cooking festivals. It was good before, but by adding the tartness of lemon, it is now even better.

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He explains that he isn’t skipping out on his duties to talk to a girl; he’s merely being friendly to a customer. Pillars of Eternity, Bloodborne. Ohmygod, I loved Allen. I’mma go home and eat till I’m tired and sleep till I’m hungry. Raeger thinks that you’re cute when you say things like that, and wants to kiss you.

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