Here is a film breaking stereotypical molds and doing it with utmost sincerity and it is this unusual approach that has made this film popular among the people. Watched this movie yesterday and enjoyed every second of it. Appreciate our Hollywood counterparts for making it look real in reel when we all know that it is just not real. It could have been elaborated more to create much more grandeur and spell-bounding effects! We saw this movie in a big group with people from different age groups and everyone loved it. The start was good and Kamal Sadanah came to the core subject of the movie quickly without wasting anyone’s time. The Movie Worth it.

It was under these trying conditions the crew worked tirelessly to bring this exciting story on the silver screen. Produced by Abis Rizvi and directed by Kamal Sadanah , it revolves around the majestic yet dangerous tigers of the Sundarbans area of West Bengal and their complicated relationship with humans. Tigers Of The Sundarbans , their objective was to give the audience a taste of action, drama and thrill of the amazing Sundarbans and the majestic tigers in the best possible way. The journey has been long and arduous. Edit Details Official Sites: Roar — Finally found the gem of “. Its Wake up time – This film is definitely a landmark film in Indian film history! Did I mention, for an Indian commando she spews lots of accented English but can hardly speak Hindi?

I equally dreaded and craved his appearance on the screen. And obviously tiger is superbly done. Ever heard of an Indian bimbo commando before? A team of experts dispatched to bring in The Most Wanted Man in India almost achieves the unthinkable Movis if you are fed up of creepy Saas-Bahu serials and same old stuff of dance n romanceROAR is the movie that will leave you amazed. The characters and dialogs were insipid and lacking color All top angle shots very nicely captured.


I can bet, this movie can business in aborad more than any other Bollywood movie.

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Good movie for people tired of watching fireworks and shootouts and Talwars. Also, may be there was no need to show glamor with a lady commando dresses with low neck and lady trekker in movie dressing like Xena the Warrior princes. A dark sci-fi prequelhuge performances at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week.

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I was impressed with the Picturisation and the story. Would have made it more realistic. Seriously, I was waiting for the movie since I saw its poster sudnerban. In honey bee sequence you actually feel like there are honeybee’s flying all over the places in theaters.

Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans eng-sub (Indian movie) part 2

Creating something that exists, that materializes purely from sundrrban idea. This is an excellent movie with great photography and story line. From a gripping storyline to some breathtaking scenes of the Sunddrban, the film can transport audiences to a land frozen in time; and this sentiment continues to draw the crowd. They really worked so hard for the movie. However the game turns into more than a survival for them with no escape. Born one in thousands.

This is a film like no other to come out of Hindi cinema. I never expected much audience in such a film, because it was more for the nature lovers. There is also a time sunderbn shot which is a single shot taken from Helicam. We have replicated every aspect of the Sundarbans tiger, right down.

Born one in thousands. I am already fan of yours. Enjoyed Background Score of the film.

Everyone in its first instance would always think of taking a revenge after all we are all human beings and Indian but i am thankful to the story writer and the director for presenting the movie in such a manner of realization. The lead actors failed to bring the characters to life. The visual effects were astonishing as expected.



Nice movi, Graphics excellent. Kamal Sadanah Abis Rizvi. Let’s break this down since it seems to be the director’s forte. Did I mention, for an Indian commando she spews lots of accented English but can hardly speak Hindi?

Tigers Of The Sundarbans was pitted. Apart from Himarsha Venkatsamy and Subrat Dutta the rest are not worth mentioning except Virendra Singh Ghuman who does some justice to the script with his role as the beefcake. Full Cast and Crew. Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush, Akshara Haasan. Hollywood style movie now in Indian cinema snderban it.

All in all, in the midst of a lost script made over a lame cause, the movie takes a fresh approach inclining towards preservation of wildlife especially the tigers. Although the lovely Sundarbans have been shot really well and it was so pleasant sundernan watch.

Add the first question. Audible Download Audio Books. Reason to watch was: Go ahead and watch the movie. CG animals looking awesome. Get ready to applaud the tough and the beautiful in the high octane action thriller Roar: Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy.