I think you’re forgetting that you have the benefit of historical hindsight. When he was drinking and perch on that tree while Sunjoon and Yonhee were having all that cutesy moments in the room Full House Thai Drama. I can’t wait until the finale. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Adolescence Medley Korean Special. Boukyaku no Sachiko Japanese Special. Architecture Korean Movie.

Buzzer Beat Japanese Drama. Kang Sung Pil Supporting Cast. The 8-Year Engagement Japanese Movie. Moorim School Korean Drama. What used to bore me before is much more interesting in the final stretch, mostly because our foursome become active detectives in solving the mystery and finding the treasure, metaphorically speaking. Purpleclouds November 4, at In this episode, Yoo-Hee and Sun-Joon got couple rings.

The Proposal Japanese Movie. Warm and Cozy Korean Drama. Nana and Kaoru Japanese Movie.

I Need Romance 3 Korean Drama. This particular episode had me reeling. I think you’re forgetting that you have the benefit of historical hindsight. I’m missing them already SKKS after party: Love in the Moonlight Korean Drama. MJS broke my heart Epiaode Drop Japanese Movie. Catch Me Kimchidrrama Movie. Lived in Korea til nearly 10, forgot all Korean as a result of living with only white folks, began relearning Korean and hanmun in college and through what else but k-drama!!!


Going by the Book Korean Movie.

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My Sassy Girl Korean Movie. Nodame Cantabile Special Japanese Special. Protect the Boss Korean Drama. Yong-ha presents Jae-shin with the payoff documents he found, announcing that all they have to do now is find out who the real source of the money is. Cyrano Agency Korean Movie. That last picture combo? Pinocchio’s nose Korean Special. Hi My Sweetheart Taiwanese Drama.

So fitting given that this is a drama series about scholars of Confucianism, which places so much emphasis on not just filial piety but in fact frames the entire social order in terms of father-child relationship which BTW, by providing a preexisting cultural grounding, allowed for Christianity with its father-child paradigm to flourish in South Korea. Hana Yori Dango 2 Japanese Drama.

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Listen, I blame it on the crack. A Poem a Day Korean Drama.

kimchdirama Doctor X 5 Japanese Drama. With this one, I got the distinct impression that they were tenderly tasting each other- this is the first time that he’s actually successfully initiated a kiss, and it was like they just savored each other. He gives a knowing look, and we can surmise that it has something to do with Sun-joon being a Noron.

Sun-joon wakes up the next morning to find that he and Yoon-hee have fallen asleep at their desks, still holding hands. Sweet Stranger and Me Korean Drama. How clever Yongha was? Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast.


Then Sun-joon comes bounding up, tilting the awkward into full-on tense. One Day Thai Movie.

Queen of Mystery 2 Korean Drama. He insists they march into Sungkyunkwan with soldiers, and when his father resists, he mounts a plan on his own. The Eternal Zero Japanese Movie. Moorim School Korean Drama. He thinks about kimchideama day and night, and has changed his views on everything he thought was impossible because of her. Secret Garden Korean Drama.

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Blade Man Korean Drama. The Heirs Korean Drama. Todome no Kiss Japanese Drama. Suspicious to be sure but all the more lovely. PMY also had help from her doctors? That was the whole point of condemning Crown Prince Sado to a “natural death” in the rice chest. It jives perfectly with their other quiet scenes.