John follows in his plane. Unsatisfied, Hawke hides Airwolf in an extinct desert volcano and becomes custodian of the aircraft, vowing not to hand it over until The F. Del Reisman , Stephen A. The train enters the tunnel and the Airwolf’s crew temporarily lose sight of it until it reemerges at the other end. The eruption shock destroys a town in a nearby valley and Hawke and Santini set down to render aid. Hawke and Santini rush out in response to a security alarm and find Grace unconscious and near death.

The story continues as the Airwolf crew are being held as spies and “The Lady” is in the hands of the enemy. The trip goes astray however, when a group of guerilla fighters block the road and hijack the bus. Hawke is given the assignment of finding a test pilot who is about to steal a fighter aircraft to fly it to Russia. Moffet with the help from his friends, while going through a series of adventures. The thief, Karl Stern, is expected to sell the laser on the black market to an East German buyer, but when his partner, Slade, realizes he is being shafted on his cut of the sale money, he threatens to go to the F. Also, in America, syndication versions always have a shorter running time, to clear room for additional commercial sales. Once he recovers his strength, he forces a local deputy to go looking for Jo but they can find no trace of the helicopter.

The group threatens to detonate them unless both countries destroy their nuclear stockpiles. In Laos, Mike tries to capture one of the world’s largest opium suppliers. Santini informs Archangel of the situation, who devises a plan. supecopter

Supercopter – Saison 2 – Episode 8 – Vidéo dailymotion

He taught Kevin how to fly helicopters and was admired and loved by his nephew. Santini is hired by a movie producer to fly as a helicopter stunt pilot for a gold heist scene.

Both men divert from a F. The second season premiered on September 22,and ran for 22 episodes until April 13, In a rush to train her, Caitlin does not perform well and nearly blows up Airwolf.

Hawke and his companions now race to save Archangel before the Zebra Squad can be activated. The boy’s hostile grandfather shows up threatening to kill everyone with a rifle and a bomb unless his grandson his handed over.


Her contact fails to show so she goes looking for him and finds him shot. Hawke, McBride and his friend Glen Carson search for him, finding the boy being harassed by street thugs. Disobeying Company orders to not get involved, St.

Supercopter.2×08.Hx1 scène final

He is helped by a passerby who gets him to the hospital under an assumed name. John’s plan, but St. A new component at the power plant has failed and the engineers cannot stop the dangerous gas leak which is threatening the lives of millions. The group springs the scientist, during which El Gato is killed. Upon arrival, Hawke and his team find the camp abandoned and his brother has been moved elsewhere. Before he dies he reveals his hiding place for the papers dpisode Jo retrieves them.

The Company sends the Airwolf crew to tail a KGB agent who has stolen computer boards belonging to a new government spy satellite. Airwolf is sent to investigate.

While on a job assignment to Acapulco, Mexico and unknowingly carrying a young stowaway portrayed by a young Shannen DohertySantini’s helicopter explodes from a bomb and crashes in a desolate mountain area.

The X’s main test pilot, Roane Carver, knows the plane has potentially deadly flaws and interferes with the final sale knowing her company is selling a dangerous lemon and steals the schematics. Superxopter Institute is run by a saaison employee of the F.

John is stunned wpisode Combs chooses his former enemy, St. She plans to testify against her husband’s involvement in a plot to assassinate several top-ranking Washington officials, but Hawke’s previous involvement with Tess makes it difficult for him.

Supercopter.2xHx1 scène final – Vidéo dailymotion

Jo Santini discovers what is going on and intercepts Rivers convincing him to help her find St. They find him shot dead. When specific information is leaked about a mission that Mason was never involved with, Hawke becomes suspicious and believes there has to be another mole lurking inside the F. Jo is arrested as a spy and taken to a prison. Hawke and Santini go on a job to film some desert terrain footage for Santini’s fellow airport business partner Sam Kowal.


Santini is stunned at the news that his daughter Sally Ann has been found dead on a beach on the Caribbean Island of San Remo, apparently from a drug overdose.

Supercopter 2 “Le Retour D’airwolf”

An advanced airplane built by Stappleford Industries, the “X”, is to be handed over to the U. Hawke and Supwrcopter must make the decision to allow the F.

This is the second episode 22 Airwolf, with Moffet jamming its controls, climbs to an altitude of at least 85, feet the first time this was accomplished was in the season one episode “Fight Like a Dove” during a test flight by Hawke and Santini.

This page was skpercopter edited on 18 Februaryat John flies Airwolf to the reactor to seal the leak. As a result, Mason begins to reveal classified information to the press about his previous employer and it begins to jeopardize foreign relations and national security.

Santini is shocked to learn the son was thrown out of college for marijuana possession and their “father-son relationship” has been falling apart since Cec’s wife died. An enhanced version of the first episode was released as a motion picture in several countries as well as on home video. During the flight home, one of the helicopters piloted by an Army General’s son, is shot down and crashes. Del ReismanStephen A.

The full-sized mock-up of Airwolf from prior seasons was used superrcopter static shots. Hawke goes to get a layout of the prison and poses as Terry’s uncle to get close to him. Although the final title, used on-screen, is Fallen Angelit can still occasionally be found billed as Angel of Mercy. Mounting a rescue operation, Hawke must add Caitlin to the Airwolf crew to temporarily replace Santini.

The rogue mercenaries have no intention of returning the HX1 and decide to try out their new toy against Airwolf.