Jake Longstreth — Tulare: Tony Garifalakis – Mutual Assured Destruction. Gustav Metzger – Act Or Perish! Paul Elliman – Untitled September Magazine. Still Life in Photographic Concepts of the Present. Residential Masterpieces 23 – Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

Perimeter Talks Open Trade: Gina Bucher – Female Chic. Scenes from California’s Central Valley. Cedric Price Works — Gunnar Smoliansky – Untitled, Osamu Yokonami – Assembly in Okinawa, Essays and Photo Works, —

Stefan Marx – This Sounds a bit like Goodbye. Rephotography, Memory And Transformation The Arrogance of Optimism.

Lisa Radford – Aesthetic nonsense makes commonsense, thanks X. Design Thinking for the Future of Urban Regions. The Trade Of The Teacher: Allan Sekula – Mining Section Bureau des mines. Taryn Simon – Paperwork and the Will of Capital.

Veronika Spierenburg – Oya-ishi — Oya Stone. Heinrich Riebesehl — People in the Elevator. Automatically Arranged Alphabets Zine.

Batia Suter / Florence Loewy

Osamu Yokonami – Assembly in Okinawa, Saskia Groneberg – Buropflanze Office Plant. Sou Fujimoto – Architecture Works Luigi Ghirri – The Complete Essays — Underground Zines and Self-Publications — Library for Radioactive Afterlife. Positions On Exhibiting Photographies.


Word, image and institutional critique. Rafael Rozendaal – Everything Always Everywhere.

Batia Suter

Cora Piantoni – Buon Lavoro: The Edge of Tomorrow. From the Stony River to the Sky. Paul Graham — Paris th November, Journal on Exhibition Making.

Deutsche Borse Photography Foundation Prize Treasured Island Madagascar Expedition.

Eran Schaerf – Frequency-Modulated Scenario. Mike Slack — Walking in Place 1: Global Art, Politics and Post-Fordism. Bieke Deporter – I am about to call it a day. Mike Mandel – Boardwalk Minus Forty.

Batia Suter – Surface Series

Ivana Franke — Retreat Into Sruface Scenes from California’s Central Valley. Rein Jelle Terpstra – Robert F. Michael Williams — Traditional Cornish Cottages.

Image Stories from the Edge of Europe.

Surface Series – Batia Suter – Publications – Roma Publications

The Art of Civil Action: Nobuyoshi Araki – Sentimental Journey Often dismissed as irrational, this mystical focus digs deeper than religious superstitions or teenage esotericism. Janneke Wesseling surrace The Perfect Spectator: Wolfgang Tillmans – Utoquai. Perimeter Talks Open Trade: Taking a Line for a Walk: A Topological Diary by Ulrich Strothjohann.


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