Debbie told all the women, including Julia, to split the votes between Scot and Tai, with Scot as the main target. This page was last edited on 20 January , at Hustlers Ghost Island David vs. Goliath Edge of Extinction After being questioned, Jennifer outed the girls’ plan to vote Jason out and blamed Alecia, who denied it. Michele beat Julia to win immunity. She found a clue to the hidden immunity idol, which she shared with Cydney, but Cydney secretly tipped off Jason and Scot, and all four raced to claim the idol for themselves. After the tribes dug in the grueling heat for nearly an hour, the Brains tribe placed first, with Beauty in second.

News January 20, Cydney and Michele narrowly defeated Joe and Tai, and brought Aubry with them on the reward. The castaways held a rope attached to an unbalanced table to keep the table level, while maneuvering between two platforms retrieving and stacking blocks with letters on them; if their stack dropped, they had to restart. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved March 23, The castaways raced out to a platform that featured a series of symbols with corresponding numbers. The eighteen new castaways, divided into three tribes of six, were given two minutes to ransack a boat filled with supplies and load them onto their rafts.

A surprising turn of events at tribal council sends shock waves through the entire tribe. List of Survivor U. Castaways stood on a log while balancing a ball on a wooden disc; after a certain period of time, additional balls were added.

Scot won rock-paper-scissors, but he and Jason gave it to Tai instead, who didn’t play either idol.

Joseph Del Campo Age: At Gondol, Peter recruited Julia for his new alliance. Nick’s attitude set the girls against him, and Anna asked Caleb to join up with the girls to vote Nick out. The next night, at the final Tribal Council, Tai was vrawn for his erratic gameplay and misplaying his advantages, Aubry was praised for her transformation throughout the game, and Michele was reprimanded for coasting through the beginning of the game but was praised for working her way back into the majority after being left out of Scot’s cst.


Retrieved May 5, brawj Season 32, Episode 9 April 13, However, Aubry told Scot that the target was Anna, and Scot—knowing that both Jason and Tai had idols, and that they could be combined—tried to convince Tai not to play his idol.

The first tribe to roll their balls into the six slots won a kitchen set including pots, spices and coffee, while the second-place tribe won a smaller kitchen set. Tai then deviated from the plan and voted against Jason, while the five women and Joe united to send Nick to the jury. The tribes jumped off a platform and swam out to a boat, where they retrieved three bags of rice. Julia’s choice made the other girls suspicious of her; during the reward feast, Julia admitted that she wanted to work with the men, believing she had a better chance to defeat them at the end of the game.

Later at the Beauty camp, Tai reluctantly helped kill one of their chickens, but was comforted by the rest of his tribe except for Nick, who offered no empathy.

Pages using infobox reality competition season with the data1 parameter in Cambodia American television seasons Survivor U. Find out when “Survivor: Divided into two teams of five, the castaways used two braine poles to transfer one teammate from one platform to another. Though she was spared again at Tribal Council, Alecia was still on the outs of the Brawn tribe. Michele Fitzgerald 24, Freehold, New Jersey.

Hustlers Ghost Island David vs. However, before Tribal Council, Jeff and a doctor visited the camp to inspect some of the castaways’ injuries.

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Once all of the blocks were properly stacked, the castaway would start a domino effect that would drop the last tile on a platform at the other end. Debbie told all the women, including Julia, to split the votes between Scot and Tai, with Scot as the main shrvivor. Who will emerge on top?

Perturbed by Debbie’s volatility, Aubry and Cydney decided to target her, and tried to recruit Joe and Michele; Michele agreed, but Joe did not. Retrieved March 24, Cydney Gillon 22, Douglasville, Georgia. Back at camp, Nick told Aubry to vote against Debbie, but Cydney decided to rally the women against Nick. Neal was evacuated from the game after the doctor judged that an infected wound on his knee could possibly worsen and affect his joint, and Tribal Council was cancelled.


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By using this site, you beaufy to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The final castaways battle for a game-changing reward to help determine their fate. One castaway struggles to overcome feeling betrayed by their strongest ally; and an indulging reward threatens to wreak havoc on one player.

Daniel Fienberg praised the season’s unpredictability but panned the final Tribal Council, saying “this was one of the rare seasons that came into its last leg with no inherently ‘wrong’ winner;” but “a dismal jury delivered a verdict that came so close to wrong it may retroactively dampen my feelings for the season as a whole.

After the tribes dug in the grueling heat for nearly an hour, the Brains tribe placed first, with Beauty in second. On the trip, Joe proposed a final three alliance, and claimed that Aubry would automatically win against him and Cydney; Aubry privately realized that Cydney was a bigger threat to win than Tai, and considered beauhy her. The first two tribes to complete their chosen final tasks won immunity.

Julia won the challenge, thwarting Aubry and Cydney’s plan. Tai defeated Cydney to win immunity.

Needing six votes to form a majority, both sides courted the Beauties; Tai and Julia quickly joined Scot and the Brawn alliance, while Michele and Nick entertained offers from both sides.

He voted for Aubry. The first one was in season 28 “Survivor: