I’ve been keeping track of my experiences and I thought I would share it with others. Yes, if you need them. Tell me if you guys like! The reason for going back to episode 1 is to get Kentin up as high as you can in preparation of his return in episode His nose gets really runny. Since you need to have at least 90 to get the illustration in episode

And should I get Ken’s high so it won’t be too low when he returns? The principal totally yelled at me about him! This blog is dedicated to My Candy Love. NickName I saw the dog run by here just a second ago! Amber took it, in her locker in hallway. November 20th, at 5: In episode 14 you can pick any illustration you want.

There’s a lot of things happening here, including dating the hot guys that also attend this school. Nah, nothing, forget it.

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Start out working on Nathaniel and Castiel in the first three episodes. You just have to replace them! Grid View List View. More or less, yep! Does this to his brother too.

Well, the principal totally lost it with me! You can continue to keep all three boys as close dweet you can going through the next few episodes. Saving all of them is not going to be easy…Do you know who is in charge of the club?

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I thought you were. What are you going to do?


Did you know she took money from Ken? Nathaniel Absolutely epislde Spring because of his allergies Like honestly spring is freaking Satan to him. The earth goes dead and cold, then renews itself again, looking even more beautiful than before.

His affinity will be at 55 when he returns if your affinity is when he leaves so you need to go back to make that possible. For all the ones who chose basketball club: Play through which club you like the least first because you will have to back track to episode 1. episodd

I would say, the orchids first, then the lilacs and the cactus last. Are you jealous by any chance? Si les gustan hago de todas las chicas. It seems like you would! So if you need help or have any questions about the boys swdet send me an ask. I’ll guide you so the boys will end up falling in love with you too.

When you are in episode 2 pick the other club to participate in so you can get the other date. I do have a dog though, but a big one, not like that little yappy mutt the principal has. You are really not cool! Is there a problem? No sorry, I already have enough to do. The reason for going back to episode 1 is to get Kentin up as high as you can in preparation of his return in episode The principal totally yelled at me about aoris Shopping trips double during spring Can always find a good sale for out of season items Summer is annoying but also great because the beach and public pools which means the possibly of shirtless hot guys.


He also gets you matching beanies also is a huge prankster when summer hits. What is it now? And you like her? I suggest keeping the affinity level around 55 because that level will become important for episode I found that I was able to get Dajan up to about 45 points playing with him and Jade up to 65 points in affinity.

I was told that she took with her that box of swee that was for the club. So you agree with me.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Now going into episode 4 you need to continue amoria keep Nathaniel and Castiel as close in affinity as you can.

If he wore his normal outfit during spring or summer he would die of a heatstroke. In episode 12 you need to have at least 45 affinity with Nathaniel, Castiel and Lysander to get the illustrations.