I wrote down how far it was into the stream so I could easily find it to recap it. Sonja and Tucker found Tom and took off running. Don’t expect as many recaps starting next week though. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Tom, Tucker, Jordan, and Sonja were streaming, but Sonja had a lot of internet connection issues. Tom had to make his way back through the maze after dying to Guardians. XD yeah that is a plot hole.

Jordan received 3 more invis pots. Tom got back some items, but Jordan and Tucker got most of it. Night fell and Jordan and Tom ventured for XP and kills. That was right when my browser crashed and I forgot to review that bit. Jordan ate an apple and drank a speed pot. Tucker found Tom’s gear that Jordan wasn’t able to pick up.

As Tucker tried to regain his items; Tom spotted him and killed him. The arrived in a damaged Ianarea. The crew explored the Ianarea for a bit and spotted a Mooshroom Phrge. Waglington isn’t sure what’s wrong with Sonja, but will look into it after the stream. Jordan was at spawn using the chests and killed Tom when he spawned. Tucker found Tom’s gear that Jordan wasn’t able to pick up.

I just have note bad open, type stndicate, then watch more. When Jordan strength potted up, Tom took off running again. Tom tried to find Tucker and Jordan, but couldn’t. Posts that have no direct relation to Mianite will be removed. If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints, feel free to message the moderators. Sydnicate and Tucker ended up near the same area for a bit, Tucker spotted Jordan but ran away. Tucker, Jordan, and Tom left the nether and went to the Pirate’s Yacht.


Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Jordan used his invis pot to make his way back to his chests to find Tucker, but Tucker was back in his base.


XD yeah that is a plot hole. Using correct spelling and grammar makes posts easier for everyone to read and seasoon makes the subreddit look cleaner. The group worked on getting levels as night fell.

Jordan gained an extended Inivs pot. OP is disabled on the server for the donation plugin to work, so they are unable to fix the Tree.

Proof reading was taking longer than I would have liked. Want to add to the discussion? Ianite sent the crew back to the mainland while she devised a plan and said farewell.

Tucker made a nether portal and tried to enter, but Tom killed him. Craft a new text post!

I stopped keeping track of the higher donations at this point – invis and apples – since it got too difficult and probably missed a few earlier as well. Like you, we have no direct contact with any of the streamers.


Minecraft Mianite DIANITE’S TEMPLE & THE PURGE (Ep. 34)

Tom put a sign next to the lever at Jordan’s house and asked Sonja to come over there. Jordan learned where Tom was at the portal, invised, used an apple, and killed Tom. Jordan and Tucker headed the arena for some 1v1s while they waited. No meta posts except posted by a mod.


Jordan found a ravine and died to a creeper. Content that is posted that’s clearly false and is just trying to start an argument between fans will be removed. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Even though Tom was working on putting out a lot of the fire, it was causing a LOT of lag. Eventually Jordan killed him with an bow. Eventually, Tucker killed Tom and they were able to set sail.

It created a pretty big crater next to the netherwart farm, but didn’t effect the trees around Jordan’s house or his house. Craft a new link! Tom came back with his Dianite armor and swam through the lava.

Sonja headed out for XP, but day had arrived.