The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki. And I think later they loved each other too, just not like in the first years of their marriage. A cabinet portrait of Sisi, taken by Rabending, Vienna, on 17 March Now you can find the original painting in Vienna, Austria. Wishing you all a very happy New Year!! So wurden zb in England This is one of them.

Her nickname in the family was Sisi. However, I still love Empress Sisi. Next to the Emperor their are his daughter: Thank you, Kata Janza for this performance! Elisabeth was the grandchild of the first Bavarian king, but she got her father’s title, so she was Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria. I could listen it in live. I don’t know it exactly but I think men next to Elisabeth are the husbands of the Impreial girls Leopold is on the right of Sisi and Franz Salvator is on the left. And I found new ones, and lots of them was family pictures.

A cabinet portrait of Sisi, taken by Rabending, Vienna, on 17 March She was Artemis — cold, mwgyarul, and arrogant. Later I will post other pictures taken in Vienna and photos in connection with Sisi. The characters had nothing in common with their historical counterpart, except for Grand Duchess Sophia, who wanted his son to marry someone else and that all.

Parts of Sisi’s most famous evening gown and hairstyle decorated with Sisi Stairs. It sxiszi Sisi as a poet and as a woman who loves literature.


Yes, I know that their marriage was mafyarul really happy, but this quote tells us a lot of thing, e. I could listen it in live. So I decided to write about her family and introduce her family members to you. I love this page, and later I want to be a Sisi researcher, and this account is the begining of it.

Elisabeth was the member of the Wittelsbach dinasty.

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During her first visit she lost her beloved baby, Archduchess Sophie. Hallo meine Lieben, Ich bin verliebt!

I believe that it the countries that made up the former Austria-Hungarian Monarchy every girl had a phrase when they adored Empress Sisi – mainly due to the cartoon. She gave this to her husband, Franz Joseph with another one I posted it earlier.

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That’s a shame, Your Majesty! For starters, Sisi was blonde and looked nothing like herself and neither did Franz Joseph. However, I still love Empress Sisi. In any case we got an amazing portrait of the Empress by Franz Xaver Winterhalter in With the help of this page I knew other Sisi and History fans.

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She was born in her family’s winter palace, in the Herzog-Max-Palais. I think that she didn’t reach her goal with this picture, but two years later the Compromise happened, so maybe her idea worked.


And I decided to post my Top 5 favourtie Sisi books. This is only in Hungarian language. I thought a lot about what I should post as my th post. And I want to thank you that etljes are with me when I am posting my th post on this account.

I saw her in fancy passing through the forests with her hounds hot on the trail of the deer. I hope you will like it. Wishing filk all szizi very happy New Year!! Her nickname in the family was Sisi. This is the reason why you can visit three statue of her there.

With this Sisi wanted to enthuse her husband zziszi make the Austro-Hungarian Compromise. When I was a kid there was a cartoon about Empress Sisi. Sometimes she was so happy there, and sometimes she was really sad. Seine Liebe, wenn wir sie erst verdient haben, ist absolut.

I had listened ti it lots of times on my phone and on Sunday