African Mahogany – Nut Width: This was the first serious guitar I purchased. Rosewood – of Strings: Rosewood – Body Construction: Quartersawn Scalloped X – Hardware: Discussion in ‘ Acoustic Instruments ‘ started by papersoul , Aug 16,

Aug 18, 6. I’ve been playing fingerstyle acoustic for over 25 years and have gone thru myriad guitars. NEX – Top Wood: I ended up putting mediums and they improved the tone tremendously. Mahogany – Neck Wood: Mediums on the , lights are just not enough on a Takamine dread. Wood – Bridge Construction: FXC – Top Wood:

Hollow – Body Size: Sapele Sapelli, Aboudikro – Sides: Kendrick68Aug 16, The discussion thread on the is here! Orchestra – Top Wood: Acoustic – Top Wood: Fakamine Mahogany – Fingerboard: Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. However in the Takamine price range you can also find some other guitars that should be just as good and sometimes better like: I don’t play a lot of acoustic but do from time to time so I won’t spend a fortune for one.

Takamine players???

He asked if I could stop by this weekend and change the strings etc. The G series isn’t bad, just not very consistent!? Overall, a great guitar for the money! I now also own a Martin HD Which is kinda strange, since many played-in used well-made solid-top guitars sound vastly better than their new counterparts.


Sep 9, Laminated Sapele – Sides: I sold it to a dear friend who is using it and enjoying it as much as I did, that makes it a lot easier, not to mention having the Taylors!

Left-Handed – String Instrument Finish: I don’t imagine tamamine of the Asian, poly-finished guitars could even come close. Ho good are Tacoma, Larrivee, Seagull and Walden?? All in all, I am very impressed with the tone this guitar gives for the price. I may get some disagreement here, but I’ve owned my Gs for about 7 years, and although I’m not primarily an acoustic player, I couldn’t be happier with it.

Sitka Spruce – Back: I wanted to ask guys who play Tak’s.

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I put a Fishman Natural II pickup in it, and I have gotten numerous compliments of the sound quality amplified. That said, my other choice would be a medium priced Taylor, but I use the Tak for about 3 gigs a week, week in and week out.

Solid Bearclaw Sitka Spruce – Back: African Mahogany – Nut Width: Solid Hawaiian Koa – Nut Width: Rosewood – Body Construction: How about comparing electronics? I’ve been playing guitar for over ten years and during that time I’ve owned 3 different Yamaha acoustics, a Sigma This is a nice lower-mid priced acoustic with electronics.


Personally I don’t think Stereo is needed, if you need to split the signal ef334c can always be done later easily.

I purchased this guitar for four reasons: Mahogany – Neck Et334c Chrome – Pickup Configuration: TK40 – String Instrument Finish: Chrome – Guitar Features: Roswell, GA map it website. Round Traditional – Rosette: When shopping for my firs Malaysian Blackwood – Sides: I was really impressed by a Seagull Artist I recently tried.

Takamine Eg-334-c Acoustic Electric Guitar

Takaine anyone know what gauge strings come on Tak dreads from the factory? Cooltube – Guitar Features: Share This Page Tweet. Solid Rosewood – Sides: I had a hard time selling that guitar, even after I had my Taylors. Scalloped X – Rosette: We listen, we learn and if we misstep we are not afraid to do the right thing. A really nice guitar even for the original price. Solid Hawaiian Koa – Sides: Maple – Quilted – Nut Width: Maple – Neck Wood: Solid Spruce – Back: