Rui’s unexpected appearance in the past, plus the comb he had pegs him for a thief, but he manages to feign amnesia. They meet a woman named Noriko looking for a villa she used to visit as a child, but is having trouble finding. Ran awakes at night with the news that someone is being attacked at school, and she leaves with Rui, Midori and Rin to investigate. It is expected to run for a total of 26 episodes until December. After some deliberation, Rin concludes that Midori must have taken it, and she is found out to be the culprit. Rin finds the culprit on the roof with an unconscious Rui. Ran receives images from someone in the town of an unresolved injustice. As Ran and Rui are out looking for more clues, Midori stays behind.

After finding her, they also uncover that the proprietor, Kichibee Narukoya, has been breeding strange bugs called darkness demons and selling them in combs for a fortune. Ran Isozaki is a young girl entering junior-high school with her childhood friend Rui Ayase. Laughing Face of the Night” Transcription: After hearing reports of a haunted inn, Rin goes with Ran, Rui, and Midori to the inn to investigate the rumors. The Kidnapped Bride” Transcription: After Ran retorts that Rui still likes her even with her telepathic powers, Midori is taken aback and flees. When Midori makes it back to where Ran is, she also does not fight, which eventually causes all of the animals to turn back into humans, saying they believe in Ran.

Ran, Midori, and Rui head to the school’s old beech tree to find a group of the transformed human animals and their old teacher Momoko. Ran and the others continue to investigate the ghosts and gain access to the detached wing where the old man died a couple months back.

Twitter Updates Tweets by Hanners Similar attacks have been happening around town, and school is canceled for the time being. Midori’s expressions were the only good part of this episode. Again seeing Midori’s memory of her mother’s rejection, Ran vows to become her friend and save her from isolation. Laughing Face of the Night” Transcription: Telepathy Shoujo Ran Episode The manager of the inn seeks the help of Ran to get rid of episoode ghosts.

Ran continues to hear strange voices and see visions, and Ran again against her will goes into the jungle to a waterfall, the place where one’s wish is meant to be granted. Afterwards, the Emahi grass wilts and eoisode their teacher leaves shortly after.


Ran sees a small episod all in white and follows shhoujo out with Midori and Noriko in tow.

Ran and Rui are 32 by a controlled dog attacking the pair, and Rui grabs the controller’s her arm which amplifies Ran’s powers so much that they stun the dog and break the control.

Ran goes out with Rin to a flea market, and Midori unexpectedly shows up.

Iratsuko wants to meet a girl there, Iratsume. Ran, Rui and Midori go to area where his village used to be, and they are suddenly taken back in time to when Wakatakeru’s town was in siege. Yes, that’s right, a comb.

Next thing he knows, he’s given a mysterious box by a trader at a market, and whisked off to the Edo period, where he meets a girl called funnily enough Ran, who is linked into this whole comb business, and also gets caught up with some giant slug with headlights. While out raking leaves at school, Ran hears an ominous voice as a strong wind passes by. While in the library, Ran hears another voice which leads her, Midori and Rui to a local museum and find the voice coming from a small episoed.

Ran Isozaki is a young girl entering junior-high school with her childhood friend Rui Ayase. shoijo

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Saeko is teleppathy abducted from the school library, and Ran is surprised that she still cannot hear Rui’s thoughts. When she gets home, Midori listens to Ran’s humorous messages and unexpectedly meets up with Ran at the festival later when the fireworks are going off. By using this site, you tslepathy to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ran is excited about being with Rui over the summer, and on the way home from school accidentally runs into a girl from her school; Ran sees some of her memories in the process, making Ran concerned about her.

Ran, Rui, Midori, and Rin go to the mountains for a skiing, and in Midori’s case snowboarding, trip so fan they can investigate into the local rumor that a yuki-onna has been seen.

Telepathy Shoujo Ran – Episode 23

There, the woman finds out about Midori’s powers, and Midori plays her violin for her while she sings. MyAnimeList Profile Currently watching.


Telepahhy Anime Blog Loading They didn’t actually go back in time and change history. Midori continues her telepathic exchanges with Ran and warnings to her about what will happen if her powers are discovered. Wakatakeru recognizes Ran’s powers as the power of a miko, and Ran stands in for their miko to quell the fighting.

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Mars of Destruction April Fools’ Special. Meanwhile, Ran and Midori try to find the man who gave the box to Rui. From the Darkness of a Whisper” Transcription: Ran continues to hear voices as the man from earlier gets into a car accident not far from the house. While Ran and Midori have been taking centre stage with all of their various supernatural abilities throughout the series, it appears that it’s Rui’s turn to have some ghost-related fun for this story arc, as he spots a woman in a shlujo that nobody else can see.

Ran and the shouujo leave the island soon after. Ran and the others go back to the hotel and the gang uncovers more clues before Rin is attacked from behind. The Skull Knew” Transcription: It could be down to that predictability, but the episode really does plod along somewhat, and if I’m honest every episode of this series seems more stilted than the last as it tries to offer up something genuinely watchable.

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The three leave and find the sakura of Onju’s tree stump. Ran is led against her will into the jungle, and comes across a bull owned by an old man named Jikunan who shpujo connected to what has happened on the island in the past. At an utter loss for how to spend their Golden Week vacation, Rui proposes that Hayate Village be visited in order to investigate the legend of a local sorceress wielding the Emahi grass for the purpose of controlling people. When they arrive at school, Ran and Midori find their teacher Ueda who falls from a tree and was injured by a leopard.