I had to tweet it. I became catatonic when I saw that walkout scene in Game 6. Off-court action is just as engaging when players end up in police stations and even in jail. Rain or Shine makes it to the finals! Some PBA players go out, marry, and get involved with famous celebrities. It started shattering from the core; shards slowly made their way out and pierced the outer layer. In Game 5 , a lot of San Mig fans were hoping to see victory but the RoS boys just fought really well. Tears of joy overflowed.

In Game 5 , a lot of San Mig fans were hoping to see victory but the RoS boys just fought really well. Dun na tayo kumain. It is a mental game. After Rain or Shine lost in game 3, I tried not to think of that and just tried to think positive. And so, I got the urge to watch it. Posted by Ayka G at

It is a strategy game just like the RPG episoe are addicted to. I just remember watching a game when I was in sixth grade. Those tears served as the final confirmation that I am a legit RoS fan and sealed the exit door of the basketball world which I incidentally walked into exactly three months ago.

I felt excited to see how Rain or Shine would win again and at the same time, I felt nervous that San Mig might finally win the whole conference.

Kanina pa sila nag-aaya.

When I sent those tweets, I felt the pain moved down toward the lower abdomen. Epiwode is not just because they are part of my favorite team but because of their charming personality despite how tough they look and how physical they play.

That was a good start. Filipinos always say that basketball is their number one sport… blah, blah, blah! Then… broken, torn and reduced to pieces. The game ended and there was still no emotion.


After two days of watching videos about the Teng brothers, I was able to distinguish Jeron from Jeric. Even for romantic soap opera-ish entertainment, PBA can surely offer it. PBA can offer all kinds of entertainment. The Physics of projectile motion makes the players seem to defy gravity. Then, finally intengg curse was broken. I believe that the tears shed by the koreanovela fans would never come close to the tears of the PBA fans brought by this so-called curse.

Unfortunately, I missed that part and so watched it again.

RoS Fan Monologue

Yes, my day starts at 11 am. Everybody is given an opportunity to play on every game whether epixode did well on the previous game or not ; whether one is just a rookie or a veteran.

A ln after that, I was still watching videos of the Teng brothers. When they went back to play the game, the scores were close enough to make me feel that my favorite team might still have a chance to win. On the 10 th day, I had viewed and reviewed all their TV guesting. They are missing a lot! Many players say that they play physical but never dirty. At last I tegn Chris Tiu the cager.

From what I have observed, 90 percent of the players who say that are lying. I needed to get the emotion out. You also have half-Filipinos who had childhood issues and were bullied for how tall they were or how different their skin tone episoode or how they were abandoned by their foreign fathers.


My inner geek pities the sport-hating geeks out there. And… the final score was 80 for San Mig and 70 for Rain or Shine. They appeared in GGV brothefs just once and they were also invited to almost all talk shows in the country.

I still felt the pain and so I decided to seek advice from my fellow RoS fans.

Dun na tayo kumain. He sounded so effing excited it annoyed the hell out of me.

I have to cry to let the emotion out. Such physical players play so dirty that some games end in real fight. A girl sent me a tweet and offered a hug, pampalubag daw.

Fly like a GP. — Currently watching GGV’s uncut episode with Jeron

So, aside from comedy, PBA can also offer action-packed entertainment. Rain or Shine wins!!! You have a probinsyano coming to Manila just to play professional basketball as a way to get out of poverty. A player needs to have high IQ in order to succeed in this game and get on top.

I guess the more I watch them, the more adorable they become; almost as adorable as Rizza. I read somewhere that the team who fhll Game 3 after being tied at usually wins the best-of-seven series. One of my Korean colleagues was smiling from ear to ear when I arrived at the office.