Chooki returns from the soccer match and Ceylan in an effort to calm Kiro down shows her that Sandy is still OK by using his core brick to restore the doll, which immediately returns to brick form once he removes the brick. In the end, the Tenkai Knights face the appearance of Dromus, an evil clone of Bravenwolf who takes the fourth Dragon Cube with him. An unseen being calling itself Beast King soon tells them the planet is called Beast World. The Knights have almost gotten Guardian Boreas to safety, but Vilius is not about to stop now… watch as he shapeshifts into his most powerful form yet! In his room Guren wants to come behind the mystery of the robot, but isn’t successful. Dromus decides to join Bravenwolf alongside the other Guardians. White gives them the robots free of charge. When Vilius corrupts the good Tenkai Dragon, the evil Tenkai energies spiral out of control, resulting in dire consequences for Earth and Quarton.

See the story of how Vilius became a warlord. With the Tenkai Stone the Tenkai Knights finally open the fortress and the Corekai begin to explore it. To escape the jungle this time, they must find him and change him back, but the only clue they have is something Beni does not understand. Finding themselves in Benham City again, this time covered in blue spots, the knights and Beag meet Orangor who has another challenge for them. They stop at the mysterious “Shop of Wonders” owned by Mr. Origins is a web series that acts as a prequel to Tenkai Knights. When Villius assembles the Evil Tenkai Dragon and the Knights and Dromus use their own Dragon Cubes to create the Good Tenkai Dragon, both dragons clash and their attacks collide with each other in a stalemate. Meanwhile on Earth, Gen begins to get suspicions of Mr.

The Tenkai Warriors go bananas when Guren is turned into a monkey bot. See the story of how Vilius became a warlord.

When the gang try a whack-a-mole style practice exercise inside a large room where snakes pop out in every direction, Ceylan manages to beat Chooki’s score. When Bravenwolf complains that they are on an important mission, the Beast King says he’ll allow them to leave after completing a mission for him first.


Realizing that the Beast King only wants to be flemental, Bravenwolf sets up a Tenkai soccer match between the Knights, assisted by Venetta and Vilius, assisted by the corrupted.

Dromus is nearly offed by Villius, episide to the watching Venetta’s concern, only to be saved by Bravenwolf.

White suggests they could penetrate the force field if they increased their Tenkai Energies somehow. Suddenly Dromus shows up in the end nkights says that everything is going according to his plan.

Dromus appears and challenges Villius to a battle. White gives them the robots free of charge.

Zen to Aku ” Japanese: They find a sign which takes them to another and another at one of these signs they spot Gen. White takes the boys fishing.

Tenkai Knight season 1 episode 28

Then it’s a race in new fusion forms. Beni and Gen scheme on Earth for a way to distract Guren from the other boys. After they get their weapons they defeat the army. Unfortunately Toxsa’s exploits as a leader lead to nothing but trouble both on earth and Quarton. He along with his friends travel to Quarton to change his father back. After this event, they are summoned to go back to Quarton, where they meet Granox and Slyger, two of Vilius’ most powerful warriors, epiwode Lydendor and Valorn join the fight, getting the first Dragon Cube.

Origins is a web series that acts as a prequel to Tenkai Knights. After that Guren and Ceylan are thrown back to Earth.

His friend turns out to be his cousin Kiro, a small girl who Chooki is babysitting. When Villius tries to seize the Fortress, a battle ensues. Lydendor, Vlorn, and an unspecified animal knight as the Verta-Scream. On Earth Toxa gets a new skateboard, which prompts Guren to do chores, and ace a test in order to get one of his own from his dad. Venetta is holding an audience with Vilius when he reveals that the key to the Tenkai fortress is the Tenkai stone, which is on Earth.


After helping his friends defeat the enemy Guren meets his dad asking if the game is over. Following the huge blast of energy released by the two dragons, the knights find that they, Venetta, Vilius, and some of the corrupted have all been transported to a strange planet. Episodes 17 to 38 and 41 to 52 premiered on Teletoon, Episodes 39 and 40 premiered in Australia on GO!

Tenkai Knight Season 1 Episode 28

The Strongest Mode Transcription: An ape like corekai soon cuts the ground out from underneath the warriors, causing them to fall into a pit. The Knights’ methods for increasing their Energies: The Tenkai Knights look back at elemeental past battles and fights, to try and think of a way to open the Tenkai Fortress.

Meanwhile Toxsa and Ceylan are fighting such a hard battle they have to go Titan mode. But Bravenwolf in his anger and determination to save his father leads his fellow knights into a trap. Meanwhile Beag heads to the human world to stop Granox and Slyger from epjsode the Anti-Brickification device. The origin of Vilius and his Corrupted Army continues! Vilius keeps shapeshifting the Corekai’s equipment into wicked alternate configurations!

But Dromus is equipped with a Core Corrupter to make the Corekai evil. The other Tenkai knights travel to Quarton to save Toxsa. The Knights are holding back the Corrupted Army’s attack Granox travels to Earth to attack her but she is rescued by Guren and his friends.