An error has occured. Something in the way this house is laid out seems to be more than meets the eye. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. It’s a bit like Troll Hunter in a way, in that it’s based on some folk tales, and shot very well for how low budget it is. Very much in keeping with the varied and mysterious folklore that they’re based on. After a death in a cabin in the woods, Leo Jon Sigve Skard is hired to clean the crime scene. Further she is not able to speak and only sings.

Kudos to the filmmakers. This movie does a great job of revealing bits and pieces of the story as it goes along until you finally understand everything at the very end. The journey takes them to a basement where they find a woman named “Thale”, the huldra. A hulder looks just like a woman, except you tell it’s a hulder by her tail. More like this horror movies. The CGI and cinematography in the movie also impressed offering another breathtaking view of the Norwegian countryside. Leo urges him not to go snooping around, but Elvis’ natural curiosity gets the better of him. While it isn’t a perfect film, Thale exudes a measure of tension and grounds its story in reality before revealing the supernatural forces that are present.

Archived from the original on 9 January mogie Based on a popular norse legend about a type of mermaid of the forests, “Thale” is, unfortunately, a little short of his enormous potential, because I believe that this folklore legend had the potential to yield a little more power and suspense to this movie, nevertheless, this fantasy product of Aleksander Nordaas is pretty good.

The old man had spoileg for an organization that captured her and studied her, but he was so drawn to her he smuggled her out and raised her. He accidentally discovers a female creature with appearance of woman hidden in the basement and tapes. The budget didn’t stretch to magnificent special effects, and if I have one criticism it would be that the director could have found a way around these scenes.


He carries that to a degree I found hilarious.


It is the kind of movie where the thrills come from what the characters discover for themselves. Thale is a Huldra a mythical woodland creature. Would I recommend this movie to someone? The feel and the fairytale root of the movie are what makes it worth watching. They scale the stairs and find a small laboratory of sorts hidden beneath the surface.

Thale is an odd, mysterious and somewhat beguiling supernatural thriller from Norway that is built on mood and atmosphere and suspense made up of things that we learn along the way. The author did a great job in telling the huldra’s story and why she was like she was but the narration from the tapes and of her description is actually wrong.

It’s easy to see that this film is low budget, but there’s much talent here. Retrieved 12 September This folklore came from warning kids to stay away from waters, back in the ancient times. Short footage is good move how to cover few deficiencies of screenplay, but maybe, it should have been 10 minutes longer Thale is a Norwegian supernatural horror film directed and written by Aleksander L.

Leo and Elvis find that their next job is to clean up a crime scene that reminds us, uncomfortably, of Buffalo Bill’s lair in The Silence of the Lambs. Can’t wait to see more from him.

‘Thale’ Creature Finds Its Way To America

Leo urges him not to go snooping around, but Elvis’ natural curiosity gets the better of him. Norwegian folklore suits CGI great.

This is very similar to Species but with some different twists to the story making it unique enough to be seen. Perhaps because I am unfamiliar with the myth it is based upon, thals because my Latin culture is so different from that from the Nordics. It ain’t thrill a minute, but the plot and performances are of spoler quality to keep one hooked, and even moving in some cases. It’s a good thing the movie is not really long, trying to stretch a really good idea. Unfortunately, Thale it is not given much space or time to grow and shine within a median plot that, apart from being practically free of active or violent sequences, unfolds, virtually in its entirety, within a basement, where Leo and Elvis try to learn more about Thale and realize what secrets and dangers hide behind this beautiful creature.


Apart from that, I thoroughly spoildr absolutely loved it!

[Review] Bloated ‘Thale’ Delivers a Cool Creature and Mythology

I liked this so much I got my husband to watch it with me. But it sadly never reaches neither a suspense nor a scary climax. What Elvis comes to understand is that she is more than a victim. Retrieved 4 November Ran across this on Netflix and was very pleasantly surprised by it.

Instead, it provides a fascinating insight on what might happen if an ‘alien’ creature spojler kept prisoner by a well-meaning scientist, and the resulting fallout when two men hired to clean out the property find her, after said egghead dies. And one thing that I was puzzled about was why Thale was so different from the other Hulda people in the forest. This Nordic thriller starts off with a bang,and actually gets better.

Was this review helpful? It has the patience to reveal the story as it unfolds rather than explain everything all at once and then march us to an inevitable conclusion.

I don’t think anyone has ever thhale the Hulder-folk into a film before, and it was wonderful to see this interpretation of them. While it isn’t a perfect thzle, Thale exudes a measure of tension and grounds its story in reality before revealing the supernatural forces that are present. The huldra only acted violent when threatened which was a primary instinct but in the end it only shows that she was unknowledgable to the world around her and had her own sense of right and wrong.