The cast of characters throughout this collection are as rich as any in literature, and even their names, Dirty Joe, Ernie Game, Broken Nose, Little Dog and Lester FallsApart, reflect the harshness or reservation life, while playfully hinting at an ironic sense of life that is felt by both Victor, the narrator of most of these poems, and Alexie himself. Alexie warns us that we fear the truths in these stories, so we try to capture them and poison them. Tough Guys Trashy All Moods. He is, for one thing, a richly comic poet. John and when Agnes intones the Indian chants and songs at the funeral; Seymour’s dialogues with his lover; scenes of quiet while Aristotle abuses himself with drugs; the weaving in and out of the beautiful dancing that flows through the film. Edit Storyline Seymour Polatkin is a successful, gay Native American poet from Spokane who confronts his past when he returns to his childhood home on the reservation to attend the funeral of a dear friend.

Edit Details Official Sites: They travel with their friend who can fancydance, who is money in their pockets. Comedy abounds, though, in the survival responses of Alexie’s characters. Alexie writes comfortably in a variety of styles. The Business of Fancydancing. The title poem, “The Summer of Black Widows,” is a tightly crafted work in which Alexie uses repetition, meter, and alliteration to convey a story about the power to survive and endure regardless of the extent to which people and cultures attempt to silence them or twist them into lies.

Edit Did You Know? Larry Estes Scott Rosenfelt. And the poems and stories are told with engaging strategies of oral storytelling traditions, including the humor and epigrammatic statements that sum up centuries of struggle.

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Fancydanicng track of everything you watch; tell your friends. In this, as always in the best American Indian writing, its relation to American culture as a whole is a primary subject; but Alexie also suggests that the influences are mutual, and in fancjdancing he suggests just why America needs Indian traditional tribal culture.

Audible Download Audio Books. Well, I’d tell you but I don’t want to get into a long and detailed discussion about colonialism and the missionary position. And although history is not immediately present within Alexie’s synopsid, it is in this anger, and the cruel images of Custer and Columbus, and even in the magical appearances of Crazy Horse, fanchdancing history is expressed, and with these poems and sketches Alexie is rewriting myth. By using this synopsid, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


He is called back to his Reservation in Spokane, Washington for the funeral of his childhood friend Mouse Swil Kanim only to confront all of the reasons he has left the Reservation for the ‘white man’s world’ where he has found both financial and emotional success.

Poems such as “Exact Drums” offer a moment of grace amidst the gravity of much of his subject matter — they are welcomed like the release of a pent-up breath. These are Alexie’s first two works, the sure foundation of a significant addition to American literature. In Sherman Alexie’s title poem, black widow spiders, appearing on the Spokane reservation in miraculous numbers, become a metaphor for stories.

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In logic that Jorge Luis Borges would be proud of, Thomas Builds-the-Fire loses control of his daily story in “Special Delivery,” the very story that has bored everyone on the reservation for 23 years. Alexie’s “Nature Poem” answers its epigraph – “If you’re an Indian, why don’t you write nature poetry? That distance gives pain and clarity. This is discussed in detail on the DVD commentary and the behind the scenes documentary included in the DVD release, where Alexie comments that he wanted to make a film that not only discussed his politics, but put them into practice in the making of the film.

Witches Zombies All Themes. The Business of Fancydancing Alexie turns the sestina to hard-edged purposes, to cut away romanticism from the powwow dances and reveal the young men’s hunger and hope. But as always in the greatest comic art, the humor that makes us laugh is always underlaid with a sad wisdom. The unifying voice maintains this solemn, ironic humor that can laugh at the “stupid wonder of it all,” with the likes of Little Dog who “drowned when he passed out and fell face down into a mud puddle, probably the only mud puddle left in that year of drought.


What are people saying? Evan Adams Michelle St. This film is not currently playing on MUBI but 30 other great films are. His literary success as a famed American Indian poet, resulting in accolades from non-Indians, contrasts with a lack of approval from those he grew up with back on the reservation.

Alexie warns us that we fear the truths in these stories, so we try to capture them and poison them. Share this Rating Title: Add the first question.

Edit Storyline Seymour Polatkin is a successful, gay Native American poet from Spokane who confronts his past when he returns to his childhood home on the reservation to attend the funeral of a dear friend.

Sherman Alexie, a fine poet and novelist, has transformed his written works into a film that showers the viewer with insights into a problem about which thf are cognizant – intratribal differences that provide schisms within the only root that binds.

Tough Guys Trashy All Moods.

But while Seymour flourished in Seattle as a gay writer, Aristotle endured nothing but bad luck that led to growing resentment, both against white society and his best friend. Crazy Horse poetry doesn’t pander to sensitive, liberal readers.

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There are many very tender and moving moments in this film: Yet throughout First Indian on the MoonAlexie’s poetry and lyrical prose continually “creates metaphors to compensate for what has been lost,” the loss of five hundred years that began with Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. Yes, I know that, where does it really come from? Transamerica Duncan Tucker A new one every day.

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George Armstrong Custer indicts himself when given the chance to speak, envisioning himself almost Christ chasing his twin, his “dark-skinned Lucifer,” Snopsis Horse, across the plains. Western Mystery All Genres. FallsApart Productions [United States]. The film also features Alexie’s poetry, and the author’s mother served as a language consultant.