Dermot Post Author December 26, 8: The event itself, defying a fixed and absolute interpretation, is the natural culmination of a story full of the types of paradox that the sons of Adam are heir to. The impersonal nature of this act is echoed by the lorry driver who unwittingly pulls down the house, not knowing that the boys have attached a line from the house to his lorry. He insists later in the story that no one will take anything from the house, but that it will be destroyed absolutely; and when a gang member fears that each member will have to contribute to a collection to buy tools, Trevor reveals both his naivete and his idealism in his arch reply: Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. He is driven by a desire to destroy rather than steal.

They take out the staircase, demolish the inner layers of wall, knock down the floors it is a multi-story house , and flood what is left. He accepts that he is no longer the leader of the gang. In many ways, they were the precursors to the modern-day gangs. There is a fundamental clash between the old generation and the new generation. The fact that T. The gang, however, is no rag-tag band of lawless revolutionaries. The gang, alternately led by Blackie and Trevor, has been so accustomed to seeing destruction around them that they easily become destructors themselves. They labor on Sunday, the day of light and rest, well into the night.

Indeed, Blackie wishes to spurn Old Grahan and everything associated with him, but he assumes his responsibility as leader when the gang is confronted by the old man. If Greene is indeed saying, as he seems to be, that in this late hour, man destrucotrs come thoroughly to know himself— most especially his dark potentialities—before he can save himself, he is striking exactly the same thematic note as Golding does in Lord of the Flies.


They meet every day in a parking lot near a part of town that was bombed during World War II. He does not comprehend the weariness and frustration with a materialistic civilization grown so overburdened with things it cannot be suffered anymore.

The gang was puzzled and perturbed by this action and tried in explain it away. This characterization develops particularly out of the crisis which occurs when the boys discover that Old Misery is returning early from his holiday. Indeed, the entire first section of the story is given over to the characterization of Trevor and Blackie and to their struggle for leadership of the gang.

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Robert April 15, 7: Conversely, almost everyone else in the last section views the destruction quite impersonally, including the unnamed representative of the gang who addresses the imprisoned Mr. This suggests, of course, that the devil the worm is indeed abroad in the world, that he is a common denominator in at least some of the actions of all human beings, and that he lives even in the hearts of these boys who are, to all overt appearances, normal in every way.

Once he has secured the power in the group, he immediately initiates changes by raising the stakes of what kind of mischief they will seek.

The First Reform Act of seriously called into question the privileged status of the aristocracy. Blackie struggles to understand T. Burning the money is his rejection of the one value that is most responsible for the collapse of the spiritual core of Western civilization—profit, cash, the THING itself.

The Destructors by Graham Greene

Something which he believes is okay to do. He is no victim of a devilish but momentary impulse, no real representative of the unleashed Id. Geeene such a world tragedy and comedy collide; the sublime begins to slide toward the grotesque. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A harmless old man who keeps to himself.


That the wall behind Mr. Greene finally makes quite clear that the initial conflict has been fully resolved through collaboration.

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Views Read Edit View history. It is also interesting that Blackie does not allow his pride to get in the way when he loses control of the gang. Treene section again reiterates the image of opposite forces working to sustain the project—i.

Then Blackie acted before the gang had time to laugh, pushing Summers backward.

Their bleak and at times amoral pranks take place in a world of shadow and half lights; gray and black hues predominate to the exclusion of bright colors. When Blackie asks if T. Thomas said, Til not have you boys coming over here, using my loo. Mike was about to answer when Blackie stopped him.

What is the plot of The Destructors by Graham Greene?

It has all the qualities that have come to be expected in the short story: Yet deetructors a modern intellectual very much in touch with contemporary politics, he certainly must be equally aware of the social inequities often fostered by that conservative tradition. While he enjoys mischief, he never suggests activities that will hurt another person.

One beautiful old house still stands on the edge of the lot, although it was damaged during the war and is propped up by wooden struts. At that moment, Mike rushes in with news yb Old Misery is returning early from his holiday due to the rain.