This is Coleman’s second time in the show since “Walls”. The Bad Guy Wins: When David talks Shawn out of smashing a car’s windshield as Travis suggested, Travis is angry and tries to scare David by drowning him. The boy says that the pumpkins felt abandoned upon Palmer’s death. Jared Liam James , a mean-spirited teenager, has to babysit his little sister Cynthia Jena Skodjie while their mother Michelle Brezinski works the night shift at the hospital. Full Cast and Crew. The voice coming over the intercom, from Homecoming, is identified as Halftime, and he remembers that because Kate bribed him into fixing the Queen spot, and he was on the Homecoming Court parade float with her, announcing. Molly goes through this when she discovers Nate’s drawings of her suffering various tortures.

Biazevich Karin Konoval Complains about. Gina Holden and Karin Konoval as Gresilda. Ming’s Colin Foo shop, who promises to bring good feng shui to the Chengs with his items, including a cabinet emblazoned with a snake. Sam’s fears are confirmed when she and her friend Tully Samuel Patrick Chu discover a map belonging to the Applebaums, a family of four who previously owned the RV and died in the vehicle during a trip in the Southwest. Eve in Intruders is also implied to have been this. It seems as though the house itself is unhappy, too, but Alice’s parents are more concerned for their daughter than their former living quarters.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Holden’s words move his friends and bring back their spirits, and together, they play a blisteringly fast song. Being played by Tom Kenny helps. Humans Are the Real Monsters: My child loves this series!! As Logan’s father goes to look at the train set, the switchman’s ghost confronts him. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. After receiving a set of worry dolls from her workaholic parents, Jodanna and her brother Max start encountering strange events around their house.

They decide to elect a new mascot, and must inform the current student in the Big Yellow costume that he is no longer needed–but no one seems to know who that student is.

Regardless, Willie and Drake hold auditions for their new mascot, and a break-dancing gour in a wolf costume gets the job–over the protests of Hahnting Yellow, who arrives and tries to audition himself.

Hou is excited and wants to go through all the stuff, especially since this was also his father’s house, but Logan’s father has no time for that, he just wants to pack up and go, not even taking the time to play catch with his son. Margaret finds a map behind a picture and they try to escape, only to be chased back in by the creature Erica, and find a journal on the table where there wasn’t before, with one entry, confirming that they’re in a loop, and that Erica, in a future loop, wrote it, meaning that the creature chasing them is another Erica, infected by the scratch from the tree earlier.


R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour – Season 3, Episode Uncle Howee –

It’s a lady who has never appeared before. Melvin manages to make it back to the car, but Ranger Jackson is there and sprays spores at Melvin. It is revealed that people are called into the painting to be fed to the monster so the people in the painting won’t be eaten. When Lilly’s mom Alisen Down expresses unconditional love for her real daughter, Lilly is restored to her human self and the doll, coincidentally, is hit by a garbage truck.

This page was last edited on 21 Januaryat He baits a trap with a golden trophy and imprisons Seamus Brendan Fletchera leprechaun who promises to give him whatever he wants.

Even his Evil Laugh is over-the-top. Just as she puts her in the trash bin, she notices that the doll has a mole on the back of her neck, just like her real daughter, and she realizes that no doll — epiwode not an evil one — can take her flesh-and-blood daughter’s place.

Presumably, he had listened, it might have softened the blow. Uncle Howee Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Accordingly, getting shot with too much of it has unpleasant effects on people. The Series – Episode Guide for Season 3″.

Stine, returns at last in this series that embraces the thrill of the chill that only comes when someone, or something, touches your shoulder on a dark and stormy night. He’s well-meaning, but he’s obligated by ancient laws to do anything asked of him, even when he knows it isn’t in the best interest of the one asking.

Hibou Christina Peisode ‘s house.

When Mike and Cristen visit their grandfather in his unclee retirement home, they discover that he and the rest of the retirement community aren’t the traditional grandparents they’ve always imagined. Beware the Quiet Ones: Sean looks down uncoe see the one-foot boy from the hospital stroking his leg and Sean screams.

After Cupid grants Maggie’s wish to have Brendon leave her alone resulting in Brendon getting knocked out and having to go to the hospital after falling down the stairsMaggie meets up with class nerd Stuart, and tells him that she’s glad to see him after everything that’s happened — and Stuart reassures her she’ll find love again Who Let the Ghosts Out?

On “Alien Candy”, there were 2 other houe named Evan and Natasha in the alien club, but on the show they are nowhere to be seen.

In “The Dead Body”, Jake Skinner was actually Will’s loving uncle who helped the kid out with his bullying problems out of the goodness of his heart, but in the show Jake Skinner is a sadistic monster who gleefully harms his enemies and grows into Will’s archenemy.


Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. He admits it was stupid, and the janitor shows him a way back upstairs, saying “some people never get out of this place, even after they leave, but you might make it.

Maggie commissions him to shoot an arrow at Brendan to make him fall for her, but when Maggie worries that the love potion will wear off, she asks Cupid for another hit, which he warns against, but does at her request which drives Brendan to go into a love-induced insanity.

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Here We Go Again! Philip couldn’t return the robot to the store and the robot has actually scared his parents away, so he begs for his friend Tim Chandler Canterbury ‘s help in destroying it.

As Cassandra suggests, she cheats on her midterm and her friend Dylan Nicholas Elia is suspended instead. Logan goes back down to the tracks to meet Henry again, this time to flatten a penny himself, when his foot gets trapped in the tracks as the train is coming.

Uncle Howee

Goosebumps 2 4K UHD. This is Jocelyne Loewen ‘s second time in the show since “Creature Feature”. With his grandfather’s spirit at rest, Eoisode and his mom embrace. Hundreds of red eyes staring out from the woods is all we see of the Fair Folk.

The next morning, an angry Mrs. There uaunting something in the walls of the new house into which he and his parents move. One girl at summer camp gets jealous of her friend befriending another girl. Cheng threatens to stop Jessica from participating in activities such as an upcoming dance, prompting her daughter to shout a wish that she weren’t her mother.

It turns out that Seth is the long-lost twin brother of Seti also played by Zachary Gordon and decides to be with his brother in the afterlife as the curator Andrew Kavadas summons a sandstorm. In the ambulance, he finally confesses his involvement of the egging of the cat lady’s house as he sees the rats in the ambulance.

Sam’s parents in “Argh V,” who act like irresponsible teens, while Sam herself is the sane and mature one. Bo is pulled inside to meet the screamer who happens to be the ghost of his grandfather. The siblings run back to the house after hearing their own mom’s scream but don’t find her.

Biazevich lets Taylor go because she can see good in her heart, but sees that Steffani is rotten to the core, especially after huor insults Mrs.