I fear we still have a while to wait for that to happen I bet your korean sounds perfect? Annie October 9, at 8: You only see people like that on reality shows. Aw, is that too much ego for one family? Nam Joo-hyuk is Tall October 9, at But if the script is the main problem, there is nothing much that can save it really

Kiara October 10, at 9: He bullies a hapless fellow student with a baseball while his lackeys snicker. They always seems to pick the worst American actors, wait.. I loved that 2. Both teenagers sulk in silence while their parents chat pleasantly, occasionally letting out a scoff or sneer. I have perhaps not followed her posts that closely and I was totally not aware of the situation. I actually thought the gangsters did the best acting of all. Dramabeans is so great because of the people who run it.

Love Rain had good actors You don’t have to be rich to be my girl, you don’t have to be cool to rule my world In fact I might just keep to recaps with Heirs until I am sure there is no banglish so I am extremely grateful to javabeans and girlfriday. Did you not go to hakwon like every Korean child when you were young?

I do hope that your sister continues to be well, and so are you and your family and all the people you care about. Dear Ivoire, What a surprise to disappear from Dramabeans for a week and return to find this thread here. Like “yo-yo, ma bro” BOF By the way the english and all the awkwardness with the american actors ahhhhgggg I really hated it! Ivoire October 10, at This is when I mute my screen and read the Korean subtitles, because goddamn is this bad.

That’s what I thought too You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Is saying “thank you!


Heirs: Episode 1 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I also remember when you asked episoed prayers for your sister. Mom scrambles to hide the wineglass for her employer when Won appears. Lols, and here I was about to blame my laptop screen or my eyes for that funky color PSH is doing OK, she really carried this first episode, but the sparks, they will not fly.

It’s like the Heirs show hers telling us “tourists don’t come to america or be careful” hehe. But it’s so so so good to back in this vibrant, crazy world again.

Hi guys you know any website here in States where I can watch the show? Kang Min Hyuk Main Cast. Which is a Finnish company also trying to be an “heir” to the original designer. Krystal Jung Main Cast. Tru2u October 10, at 9: I wanted so much from this drama! So while initially drzmafire did irk me to see your thank you comments from time to time, because I like others felt like you were taking up space.

Eun-sang launches into her own set of complaints about Bo-na on the phone, although her rant goes unheard by her heeirs. Just leave out the ugly white people as well.

The Heirs (2013)

Pd October 10, at However, epsode notes that he probably hates it more, since she is engaged to Kim Tan.

If they overlook ours and we overlook theirs, it’d be a little more peaceful. International fans enjoyed it a lot. That’s why I prefer when the drama is not shot in the US or certain places.

Eun-sang works yet another job scrubbing dishes, a Sisyphean task that comes close to cracking her composure today.

Was anyone else bothered by this?

Medical Top Team was just handed a great gift. I honestly don’t understand why they always hire Americans who have absolutely zero acting ability. FrostBitten October 9, at 9: I personally disagreed with rhe rules list banning first and thank u place holder posts. I enjoyed the show and will continue watching for the Korean parts, I just wanted to call out a small piece of it that truly disturbed me.


He bullies a hapless fellow student with a baseball while his lackeys snicker. I wouldve loved shin Minah in this role. Epiwode October 10, at 2: I agree with you, JayJay!

I dont think Rramafire is being unreal and too innocent With the massive promo machine accompanying this drama—which got going about seven months in advance of its eppisode, which is approximately six months more than the average other drama—you had to wonder if they were building it up to a fever pitch that no reasonable drama would be able to match in execution.

I do kind understand her point. The ajusshi hastily backs the hell off, and she marches out to make her next delivery. Young-do drops by a motorcycle shop, where our heroine drops in to deliver a food order. I just have that taste for melodramatic and makjangy stuff, lol. Not a fan of Park Shin Hye, sorry to say. The comment is not directed at you specifically, redfox.

Hopefully the drama just gets on better and better: All talk, no action. Medical Top Team’s rating will increase tonight. I will be back later to respond, so please, check back on this thread, among these comments.