Woon and Yang-Myung’s exchange are always my favorite The Queen Dowager uses Princess Min-hwa as a conduit to intensify the effect of the shaman’s spell, as it is known that a young virgin with strong desires and motivations lend a great deal of power to sorcery. Drama yang di perankan oleh Song Joong ki dan Moon Chae Won ini meraih banyak perhatian dari berbagai kalangan. The Moon Embracing t Upon seeing her brother’s handsome “Teacher Heo”, Min-hwa becomes obsessed with him. So many lives were sacrificed mainly those of our good guys when they didn’t have to be.

Shaman Jang has sworn Seol to secrecy about Yeon-woo’s true identity. A happy romantic ending for Hwon and Yeon-woo? It says a lot that I skipped through most of the penultimate episode and didn’t even feel such a loss with Seol because I knew she was going to go, as per the novel, but we never had any chance to empathise with her character. Thanks so much for the recaps, im looking forward to another wonderful drama to follow. The show sure has poured on the speed in the last several episodes. Does he perhaps have another woman hidden away in his quarters? Queen and I Genre:

Min-hwa, the younger sister of Crown Prince Lee Hwon, is a young girl of mercurial moods who cries, whines, sunopsis screams when she does not get her way.

Kim Do-hoon Lee Seong-jun. Hwon says that the prince is a lot like Yang-myung, given his interest in swordsmanship and his fondness for Woon. So yes, it makes sense.

He tells Hwon not to cry: I just wanted more from it, because the story had potential to be much more complex. Jung Eun Pyo as Hyung Sun. I think Il Woo could deliver a more difficult role, and at least they could make him die a more honorable death or at least not to ruin the visuals for us.


Yang-myung looks up at the sky, now thinking inwardly that he will meet his father soon — not as king, but as a parent.

Nice Guy embracee mengalahkan drama Arang and the Magistrate…. I do understand why one sun had to be gone, but please, don’t insult me with this kind of final disappointment!! MY just wanted to stop suffering, he was always selfish and even in his death he was selfish And even thought I hate BK, I was hoping that she would realize her wrong and confront with yeowoo.

It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to this drama Nok-young performs rites for the recently departed, assuring them that she will take them on to the hereafter. March 18, at 6: Moon Embracing the Sun by Jung Eun-gwol.

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And i felt so disappointed in Yeon Woo, especially at the end. Thank you both very much for your recaps! Need to erase the image Yang-myung.

So I have no complain about the drama, beside he love Yeon wo with all his life and if he live, he probably can’t stand looking at the King and Yeon wo together, might as well as he die, even Jan Shil can’t do anything about it, he can’t love anyone anymore because he already give it to Yeon weo, pathetic but that just it.

The plot was bland and the characters were pretty much underdeveloped. I think the main reason would be how the casts chemistry worked really well that you could even see it off camera. I do cheer for their love, but it really seems that people only live to shape Hwon and yeowoo’s relationship.

It was a good drama with a happy ending but it could have been sooo much better. Min-hwa’s selfish immaturity and obsession with Yeom lead her to participate willingly, though it is also clear that she was manipulated by the Queen Dowager.


Queen In-Hyun’s Man Also known as: Regardless of whether they were tied in logical ways, that is. These were the more prominent ones. Yeo Jin Goo Supporting Cast. I was screaming at the screen “Dude!

She keeps her head bowed and meekly asks forgiveness for this transgression. Hopefully they can pair KSH with an actress around his age who can actually act and have crackling chemistry with him. She has hidden a gift in this room for him.

Terkhir recaps are certainly so much better than the actual show. Although there was brief misunderstanding about each other’s identities, as a result of their chance encounter, Lee Hwon and Yeon-woo fall in love. In his own chamber, he asks if preparations are complete, and sure enough, a woman steps out of his secret room: All that was left was empty calories.

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Despite the hiccups or because of them, I loved and enjoyed every movement and melody of this drama. I actually think the reason everyone praises the childhood portion of this drama compared to the adult years has little to do with the actors, and more to do with the characters. I wish I were more emotionally invested. I was tearing up at the last episode, but that had to do more with the actors themselves than the love I had for the characters.