After All by notall reviews After Owen kissed her, and ‘played doctor with her’, Gwen had have him. Seduction by Jerseycaramel reviews ‘The seduction usually ends with my partner putting an arrow through your skull before we get to the fun part. The Perfect Drug by fordhamalias reviews This thing with Owen becomes like a sickness for Gwen, a disease. Ursula Cave by Twilight01fanlovesjasper reviews Ariel wants to be human but it comes with a price – UXA Basically one shot – only one chapter. Lemonade Mouth – Rated: She goes to Daniel’s stable loft that night to take her mind off of things, which turns into much more. Fragile Hearts by dailymantra reviews smut Mako and Korra sneak out for a late night swim off Air Temple Island and things quickly escalate. Hemlock Grove tuvo tres y Bloodline tendr tres, por citar dos de sus series menos exitosas.

Ursula X Melody, because I wanted to. Penny allows Sheldon to sleep in her bed when he’s locked out of his house, but sleeping Penny can be a dangerous thing, as Sheldon discovers. The Perfect Drug by fordhamalias reviews This thing with Owen becomes like a sickness for Gwen, a disease. Haunted by PersephoneRosamunde reviews She’s forever trapped in a realm of darkness Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Rated: He is worried and scared.

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My very first fanfic- please review and let me know what you think. M for a Reason. Away From the World peputo Music reviews Enjolras and Eponine are expected to play certain roles in the world.

After All by notall reviews After Owen kissed her, and ‘played doctor with her’, Gwen had have him.

Don’t say you’re gonna love me cause you’re gonna love me and leave. United States of Tara. No es noticia que cancelen una serie. Take a step into the journey where two wayward souls will find one day more to share together. The lesson by TheEmeraldArcher reviews Elinor will teach her daughter the greatest lesson yet, how to behave during wedding night!


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Justin naturally disagrees, Alex challenges him to prove it, and sexy hi-jinks ensue. XD Also, rated M because they are naked. What you’re looking for in a Zutara oneshot. Sparrow reviews Part 1: You Know My Name by scribe4hire reviews A series of one shots charting zeries relationship both past and present of James Bond played by Daniel Craig and Miss Moneypenny, the woman who knows him better than he knows himself,but who herself is an enticing, serjes mystery.

And yes, there is spanking. Extra Credit by slytherinxxx reviews Hermione goes to Professor Snape for an extra credit assignment, but a Potions accident leads to more than she bargained for. Into your arms by H. Please review, it’s my first smut story Vampire Academy – Rated: Wizard of Oz – Rated: No es que haya costado, es que nadie lo ha conseguido. No s vosotros, pero yo de momento me subo a esta nave El espaol Javier Gulln bajo estas lneas es serie guionista thw uno de los productores ejecutivos detrs del proyecto.

Starts during ‘Red and Black. A different spin on Holt’s bedroom. Shameless smut with an emotional twist. How will he react to finding out what she really is? Pasa cada ao muchas veces, en especial entre las networks.

I make no profit from this publication. She won’t know who it is until their done, but she did know she’d enjoyed it thoroughly. Now by rocksfalleveryonedies reviews One last night before everything changes.

Hermione and Ron are finally together but Ron is acting a little different. Holy Musical B man! Darcy is in for a surprise on his wedding night. Kaylee’s Questions by Apocalyptical Angel reviews While Kaylee attempts to get Simon’s attentions, she doesn’t realise she’s unwittingly captured Jayne’s. Abrams para televisin, s se ha confirmado que sus captulos sern de una hora y que en ellos se nos relatar la odisea que supone el proceso de colonizacin humana en un planeta lejano.


Dean is totally alright with it. El Cuerpo del Delito. Eponine struggles to accept the feelings she has for Enjolras. Oneshot from my story The Hunger Games Hookups. Chocolate is for Lovers by icicle33 reviews Draco complains to Pansy that he isn’t having enough sex with Hermione. Extreme smut-you have been warned! Muchos nos preguntamos cunto le durar la corona. A Tangled Love Scene by TheLostPariah reviews Repunzel knocks out an intruder in her tower, but is curious about what pleasures she can get from her sleepy masculine visitor.

A snapshot of moments between Hermione and Draco leading up to a very special night. Claire didn’t make him do it. Perfect Chasing Dragons by RZZMG reviews Slytherin-sorted Rose Weasley fhe to watch people get into all sorts of trouble, and spying on sexy, promiscuous Uncle Charlie has opened her mind up seroes all sorts of perfectly wicked possibilities Rated M for sex.

Susan originaals just gotten engaged seriees is thrilled with her new life, but will an unexpected trip to Narnia and a kiss from a certain Telmarine prince change things? Please read and review! When she is desperate for a higher grade in his class, he has no option but to help her- and himself.

The Pirate I Love by Cocobutterrox reviews Jemima has been head-over-tail for Tumblebrutus for as long as she can remember. Janet Evanovich – Rated: No s vosotros, pero yo de momento me subo a esta nave. This is a re-upload, I am the original author. Not Alone by iCarlyRox18 reviews “I hate it. The captain don’t take kindly to insubordination these days.