Arwin is told about Carey’s crush on him and tries to go into the parallel Universe. The French Ambassador and his daughter visit the Tipton Hotel, and both Zack and Cody develop a crush on the daughter, Jolie, although neither of them know French. Brenda Song as London Tipton Note: Namit Shah as Kabir Jaiswal 2. Views Read Edit View history. Meanwhile, Esteban is taking a test to become a citizen of the United States. He is very rich and they do not really like each other much. Maddie requires Zack and Cody’s help to run a day care center.

This gives the construction workers reason to not pave it over. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? Zack and Cody try to find summer jobs, so they convince Moseby to let them have the lounge on Monday nights, and they start an underage club. Maddie tricks London into wearing the dress but London finds out, soon Hannah Montana shows up at the hotel and also wants the dress, so she fights for it with London. Not returning for this season are the following characters: Meanwhile, Cody signs up for an advanced Calculus Math Class covering tables, Conversion and Convergences, but no one, even the teacher, shows up.

The guy is London’s old boyfriend and she still likes him.

When London causes Maddie to get her old job back as “Hillary Hen”, Maddie becomes furious; but when London is in trouble, it is up to a reluctant Maddie to save her.

Maddie tries to make a film for her school project starring London and Lance. The Veronicas perform their song “Cry” when asked to sing in front of the audience. Carey is a successful singer, with Arwin being her producer Carey is the one who has a crush on Arwin in the parallel Universe, not the other way around.

Siddharth Thakkar as Karan Jaiswal 3. Esteban dresses up as a cleaning lady for a party. Cody takes the insults which he mistakes for compliments and the daughter goes to Zack. Raven Baxter visits the Tipton and has a vision that Carey’s birthday party will be full of chaos.

London refuses to change her date out kagan selfishness and bribes people with gifts if they come to her party. Meanwhile, London and her new step-mother T Lopez are having trouble kaarn along. Zack returns to the mini ssason course and proceeds to beat everyone sorely.


Zack and Cody enter a game show called “Risk It All”. London tells Carey that the brooch is in the trash but she is not looking there. Cody takes care of Carey when she is sick, but when Cody also falls ill, Zack needs to take care of them both. London starts to obsessively exercise and eat nothing while Maddie tries to eat a lot.

However, Maddie and Esteban feel the mummy should go back where it came from, so they dress up one of Maddie’s old dolls to look like the mummy and switch with the one on display which is really Cody.

When Zack sfason the singer at school, Carey, Cody, and Zack end up performing for a large Japanese audience, until Kumiko returns.

Maan Singh, and seawon boys’ mother Preeti, who is an assistant manager. Zack and Cody accept the offer to become the stars of the television show, although Cody gets stage fright and can’t act, leading to a fight, so Carey gives them a timeout.

He is seen in the dance competition, but is not credited. When they are practicing the kiss, Gwen starts to like Zack. Retrieved July 24, London opens her own store and hires Maddie to be in it, but London keeps on insulting the guests and ruining business. They later get found out by Mr. A wheelchair basketball team is staying at the Tipton, giving Zack the opportunity to persuade his friend Jamie, now permanently using a wheelchair, to start playing the sport again.

Zack and Cody find out that he faked the karam to get free things from the Tipton. Tipton not to retire Henry, and the homeless man comes to the hotel with Maddie’s brooch.

Moseby — which she didn’t intend to send at all. Zack wants it, but Cody won’t give it to him; he instead helps find Zack a suitable gift.

The Suite Life Of Karan Kabir Season 2 Episode 62 Disney India

Parallel Universalizer that can take anybody to an alternate universe. London changes the look of the hotel to bring good luck with the art of Feng Shuibut the arrangement causes more trouble than good. But the doorknob broke off the door, locking London and Maddie inside it.


Oye Jassie Season 1 Episode Cody gets Maddie the perfect gift. London’s theft backfires when she is sued for a million dollars because Maddie’s idea plagiarized a previous book. Carey notices the George Clooney quarter and keeps it. Zack soon starts acting smart, while Cody starts to have a negative attitude.

Maddie and London both have a miserable time and in the end, reconcile and merge parties. Things go wrong when Arwin forgets about the plan and Esteban must fight a real thief instead.

The Suite Life Of Karan Kabir Season 2 Episode 62 Disney India – video dailymotion

The show also centers in London Tiptonthe daughter of the hotel owner, who is very wealthy and ditzy, the hotel’s down-to-earth candy-counter girl, Maddie Fitzpatrick[1] and Mr. All of the employees at the Tipton try to win Employee of the Month by sabotaging karn of the other employees’ stations.

Cody is jealous that Zack is acing woodshop, and signs up for it instead.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lastly, Esteban is a cleaning lady. Tara Sutaria as Vinita Mishra Vinnie 6. Meanwhile, London and Maddie have to take care of a baby simulator for school, which keeps them up all night.

When all of their food disappears, Zack saves the team from starvation by finding wild food. Kumiko Mori as herself.

The Suite Life Of Karan Kabir Season 2 Episode 30 – Dailymotion Video

Cody writes an eighteen page letter to convince city hall not to pave the park, but they don’t listen. Zack also begins maran Cody, even refusing to attend his speech. Zack befriends a rich boy named Theo.