In desperation, the boy steals some money from Ike’s till so that Harley will be arrested and have to stay put. Ben plans on going into the fur business when a fox starts nosing around the farm. Languages Suomi Edit links. She relents after she has to ask him to read Sarah’s letter to her, which implores her to come to the graduation. Even though his ancestors are buried on the mountain, John knows the money will greatly benefit his family, especially for John-Boy’s education. When the class guinea pig dies in his care, Jim-Bob can’t get anyone to listen to his distress, so he runs away from home. John-Boy discovers how brutally the marathon organizers treat the dancers, and how desperate Daisy is to win the prize money so she can leave Virginia for big-city life. Grandma, barely able to speak, finally returns home after being in the hospital for over a year.

A black prize fighter from Richmond starts work at the Walton farm, hoping to get physical exercise. Ben borrows John-Boy’s car to take his girlfriend Nancy to a secret meeting with her mother who left home several years ago. Although he begs to be adopted by the Walton family, Verdie and Harley decide it more acceptable to adopt him instead. Cindy follows a book’s advice on how to be a good wife, but ends up exhausting herself. He then is alarmed at learning the land company plans to buy up more small plots so they can do hydraulic gold mining in the community. Not knowing where he came from or who his parents are, the Waltons take him in for a while. This was Ellen Corby’s first episode back after suffering a stroke in November during the fifth season. However, as Mother’s Day approaches, she finds herself missing her mother Olivia, who is still recovering in a sanitarium in Arizona.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Her enthusiasm for the War in Spain and those reporting on the conflict cause John-Boy to struggle to decide where he belongs: He learns that he has been stricken with leukemia and has only a year to live.

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Add the first question. His tee-totaler church superior fires him, but after he humbly apologizes to John-Boy for his hypocrisy, Grandpa and John convince the congregation to look at the forgiving side of the gospel and accept him.

Meanwhile, all the Walton boys are sent overseas for active duty when the Allies invade France. This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat Rose’s granddaughter Serena becomes Elizabeth’s shadow. The young couple settle into a shed on the property and have petty disagreements until the others convince Ben that he is overly bossing her and should back off.


He encounters the same pair a few days later and asks a nearby policeman to arrest them. When John-Boy visits Maude about her store debt, he discovers she paints beautiful bird pictures. He feels down, until he discovers that Aimee Godsey needs a grandfather.

She loses the ring in the ladies’ room at the dance. However, as Mother’s Day approaches, she finds herself missing her mother Olivia, who is still recovering in a sanitarium in Arizona.

John-Boy is offered an amazing printing press for a good price by a retiring newsman. Walons tries different ways to get a certain boy to ask her to an upcoming dance, but ends up going with someone else Tony Becker. After the family’s beloved cow Chance dies, John-Boy sells the suit back, despite his father’s strenuous objection, to give him the cash to replace the cow.

Meanwhile, Jim-Bob and Yancy distill alcohol strong enough to run their cars on after gas is rationed.

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Mary Ellen is taken to the hospital with only false laborand the family and neighbors are relieved when she finally delivers a baby, John Curtis, some days later. Once he graduates, he and his epksode enlist in the military.

nightsalker But she comes to decide she doesn’t really love David, and her love-hate relationship with Curtis ends up in marriage. Olivia’s niece returns to Walton’s Mountain after the recent death of her husband. Olivia and Grandma strongly disapprove of his profession, until learning that he wants to earn money to start a church. At work, Mary Ellen reunites with the ex-fiance she jilted to marry Curt, while her nightwalkeg Army husband is attracted to a lovely nurse.

They sleep in the Waltons’ barn. Meanwhile John-Boy is assigned to welcome and escort around a comely visiting poet he had admired, during her several days at Boatright University. She finally understands releasing it is best.

He has waltonss trouble killing a bear when it attacks his father. When he can’t take it anymore, he leaves in anger, causing Ruth to reconsider her attitude.

John-Boy’s friend Sarah Jane Simmonds Sissy Spacek wants to marry him to escape her strict, overprotective mother, but he rejects the idea. John-Boy Walton Ralph Waite The school’s honor code and his good conscience demand that John-Boy, reluctantly, turn him in, but he successfully defends his friend against expulsion. Ike Godsey Ronnie Claire Edwards Ike is enthusiastic about their future together, but Corabeth is prim and reserved.


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Covington David Huddlestona wandering, well-read man claiming to be a writercomes to Walton’s Mountain, befriends John-Boy and helps him with his writing.

In desperation, the boy steals some money from Ike’s till so that Harley will be arrested and have to stay put. But shortly before Easter, she wa,tons that Elizabeth calls out to her for help, and she gets up out of bed. Meanwhile, Jim-Bob is stricken with appendicitisand though his surgery is successful, his family is left with a steep bill. From Olivia Colman ‘s delightful acceptance speech to nightqalker Wayne’s World reunion, here are our favorite moments from the Oscars.

Meanwhile, Jim-Bob tries to teach Elizabeth to drive.

He arranges, however, for the family to care for an orphaned baby girl temporarily until the would-be adoptive parents are fully ready. A Cherokee Indian man Jerado Decordovier and his grandson come to stay with the Waltons; the man claims a sacred tribal burial ground is beneath the Walton barn, which he tries to burn down at night to “purify” the ground.

Into The Blue 3. He becomes giddy and infatuated, impulsively packs his bags, and almost accompanies her back on the train to New York, finally coming to his senses only as she boards the train. Sent to buy candles, Grandpa Zeb comes up with a better solution: John and Olivia’s 25th Anniversary brings lots of surprises: When they both get “cold feet”, John and Olivia must separately counsel and encourage them to proceed with the wedding.

Ruth takes some training at an institute for the blind, returns to Boatwright and becomes a state social worker. John’s World War I buddy Jim Antonio visits, but after he accidentally sets a grass fire for which Jason is blamed, and wounds the family dog on a hunting trip, John discovers his friend has not put away the horrors of the war and gotten on with his life.