When we’re done with those two, we’ll go on to the other That’s infant hearing loss? They walk to C. Maybe he doesn’t know about the sweaters. Add the first question. LEO Josh, this looks good.

Anyway, it was absolutely hilarious to watch her completely tear Sam apart. LEO Josh, this looks good. Audible Download Audio Books. There’ll be no vote tonight and the Senate will go home Let’s turn now to David Copperfield I don’t think he’s just being ornery. Donna Moss Richard Schiff Harrison Young Senator Grissom.

The West Wing – Season 2 Episode 17 – The Stackhouse Filibuster

Hoynes shrugs his shoulders. He’s blowing my weekend in the Hamptons. Into The Blue 3. Cara DeLizia Winifred Hooper.

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Allison Janney anxiously paws through her memory as she seeks to locate a missing ceramic cat statue given to the President by a Mideastern potentate who expects to see it displayed during his upcoming visit; Josh Bradley Whitford strains to finish business in time to catch a flight for a weekend visit to the spring-training camp of the New York Mets in Florida.


They thought I was going to be eating with Abbey, so Edit Did You Know? Toby turns to leave, then turns back around. The entity is now known as the Government Accountability Staclhouse, with that change occurring in – some three years after the original air date of this episode. The Curse of Oak Island 2.

And the potpourri, right? No time to talk. You hear me complaining?

Big oil is your thing? No time to talk. A filibuster no one ever saw coming. Carol Fitzpatrick Timothy Davis-Reed So another forty seven million hurts you how?

Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! LEO Josh, this looks good. I’m in my office.

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I’d want to see if there’s a way I could help him out. Find out for sure. Don’t ever, ever underestimate the will of a grandfather. There’ll watcu no vote tonight and the Senate will go home I admit that I was just as shocked and confused as Toby was once Hoynes offered to give a rebuttal to stackhousf testimony given before Congress because… dude. And give him a rest. I don’t think this is what we think it is.


Which is a weird thought! It’s three or four seconds, it’s a campaign stop, and his grandchildren were with him.

Mark Watches ‘The West Wing’: S02E17 – The Stackhouse Filibuster

SAM I’m about to miss the 7: March 14,9: The filibuster continues in the background. I didn’t go to the funeral. LEO What’s he serving? Vice-President Hoynes thinks the oil companies have a point, but says filbiuster do it instead, and to Toby’s and Josh and Sam’s amazement, at a press conference, attacks the oil industry in just the way Toby was looking for him to do.

LEO I’m taking my phone. I’m sitting and waiting.