That could work, that could work! Yeah, we beat all of their initiative. I love this place. The players did a bit of divide-and-conquer as they took on the attackers, so as you watch pay attention to how Wil describes the scene and how the players choose to attack and who to attack. It changes the way that they think, it brings depth to and complexity to their characters, and it lets me serve the story in way that will be appealing to them. That magic casting bandit is mine.

Gameplay starts, Pegasus Roadhouse 7: Uh, 9, 11, The caravan is saved! You’re gonna have a hard time removing the head from your– from Doctor Lobotomy. You’ve already had many adventures over the course of the past few months. Lobotomy’s insurance bill’s gonna be. That magic casting bandit is mine. Let’s jump down and meet your character Hank.

Somebody in the back, like underneath a thing from a table, underneath sort of a balcony, goes “Whooo! Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.


Yeah, he’s titangsrave not great. The second episode has our heroes travel with the Beer Baron to his estate as bodyguards for “gold and a party. White hawk bandit blocking the road. Erica Praise Sound Mixer: So, you sort of like slide up next to a fellow and he’s sort of like teetering back and forth, he’s really distracted by Aankia dancing and stuff.

Find showtimes, eipsode trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! I would like to get to the top of the rubble and then pick off faraway dudes with my longbow. Ryan Copple Episode Writer: A new civilization was built on the ruins of the old, a peaceful world of magic and science, but the forces of chaos are patient and not easily contained.


What makes you believe that you will triumph against her when all others have failed. Perhaps tonight, you would regale us with a tale of something new. Around the age of 14, she was messing with some old tech that she found and hadn’t told anybody about it, and it exploded on her and blew out her arm and her leg and ended up killing her parents in the process.

For those of you out there who play video games, it’s like choosing to go paragon or renegade in Mass Effect, but on a much larger scale because the game master can do anything in her imagination, and a video game is limited by its programming. OK and as you pull the crystal out, everyone goes gasp and they shirk back. And that is the end of Chapter One. Info Description Transcript YouTube: It is inspired by classics like the cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian, and the Heavy Metal movie.

If that weren’t enough excitement, they also face an ancient threat.

Wil Wheaton weaves a wicked tale on new ‘Titansgrave’ web series – CNET

Thus began the Chaos Wars. Fanfiction writers, if you could get to work and just let hank know, that would be really useful for him. You might remember that it has a unique mechanic called stunting, which lets the titansgravd do extra actions if they roll doubles on two of their three dice. Lobotomy’s insurance bill’s gonna be. Uh, one day the kids from the Saurian side who detested tiyansgrave, locked me away in a religious chapel in the house.


Wil Wheaton weaves a wicked tale on new ‘Titansgrave’ web series

Historical lore and research. We have, haven’t we. I will present them with challenges and events that we can tests and they’ll have to roll dice to help determine the outcome of those tests.

And you guys wander into my parents shop because you have a locket Laura: Jeff the little hobbit. Not very much, but it is doubles. Wil Wheaton weaves a wicked tale on new ‘Titansgrave’ web series Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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And then another guy comes up, runs and jumps up on the platform next to you. The sages in Malroth couldn’t help identify it. Tell me it’s triple sixes.

Except you, I am the boss of you. I’m setting a forest on fire! At the market district, the heroes can’t wait to shop and barter but find themselves in trouble again. I want to take this guy that just was an idiot and jacked up the caravan, and I want to punch him in the face and knock him off the caravan.